Quit Being a Salesperson

It's Killing Your Sales Motivation and Profit

As salespeople, we often hear so many different things that we feel the need to provide solutions for all of their problems. The key to being a successful salesperson is to focus on selling to the primary need of the customer, not on multiple needs. This will result in a higher closing percentage and, in the long-run, allow you the opportunity to continue the relationship by helping the customer solve the other issues they have identified.

Shut Up and Sell!

Your Bottom Line Will Thank You

The only thing that really matters to be successful in selling is your ability to shut-up. When you listen, you will be able to sell more. And, the easiest way to achieve this goal is by asking more, short questions -- and then truly listening to the answers. So, shut up and sell, okay?

Because we're in sales we have been proven to be smarter than our customers and, therefore, we're entitled to tell our customers what they want. I find that so offensive for one reason -- it's the customer's money, not ours! The only way you are going to know what a customer will place value in is by asking them and getting them to tell you what they're looking for.