A sales team needs to be properly equipped so you can feel confident that you are harvesting the best opportunities to ensure sales success. Don't risk missing opportunities by stopping at only going for "low hanging fruit." You'll need to harvest from the whole tree -- and for that, you need the right tools.

Every professional salesperson should recognize the importance of company research. Researching company profiles can be an effective strategy for finding potential customers.

I am convinced that the process of continuously improving -- not only professionally in the core competencies of a professional sales person, but also personally as well -- is the ultimate success skill for our time. Learning without action is impotent. Knowledge that doesn't result in changed action is of little value.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. -Tolstoy In any economy, learning to close the deal is a challenge for your workforce. Especially in these tough times, sales and marketing training can make the difference for your staff. Mastery of negotiation skills is a profound education.