A sales team needs to be properly equipped so you can feel confident that you are harvesting the best opportunities to ensure sales success. Don't risk missing opportunities by stopping at only going for "low hanging fruit." You'll need to harvest from the whole tree -- and for that, you need the right tools.

If you're bored by your PowerPoint presentations, your prospects are probably bored, too. Check out these ideas and technologies for improving your presentations and making them more compelling.

If you've been in sales for awhile you're probably very familiar with the saying, "Features tell, benefits sell." Features are the things that your product does, while benefits are the ways that those features will help your customers. In other words, features are logical and benefits are emotional. And sales is all about creating an emotional state in your prospect that will encourage them to buy [...]

If you want to know how to sell to a prospect, you need to first know how to ask them the right questions.

A prospect's body language will tell you a great deal about how she is reacting to your sales presentation.

Yet more tips and advice on how to give a strong presentation, whether it's for a prospect or for your boss.

Public speaking isn't easy, even for salespeople. Here are a few suggestions that will make your presentations go more smoothly.

Objections aren't a problem, as most salespeople think. Instead they're a sign that the prospect is interested enough to raise the issues that occur to him. So responding well to an objection and doing it in a respectful manner can be a huge step towards closing the sale. Here's a strategy for coping with any objection that your prospects might throw at you. [...]