I've just got back from meeting with my business mentor - and just had to share my enthusiasm for the brilliant support a fabulous mentor can provide! I'm fully confident that, through my mentor, I'm getting the advice, insight and unbiased support I need to realise the business goals we've set. How much help do you get in your business? We all need help now and again. Those who say they don't need it probably need it the most!!

An overview of top sales programs today regarding their content, cost, credibility and what kind of sales people they're recommended for.

What is Customer Service?

What is customer service and what needs to be done to make it work?

What is customer service and what needs to be done to make it work

Last week I received a fantastic response to my thoughts on Procrastination and the negative impact procrastination can have on your sales success, your business -- and life in general. Defeating procrastination will make it much easier for you to get started on those tasks, projects and general 'stuff' you've been putting off. BUT...what about those jobs and other things you do where you can't seem to STOP? Another 'P' please! Perfectionism! How guilty are you?

Customer Loyalty

6 Keys to Earn It and Keep It With Customers

Customer loyalty increases customer retention and profits.

Of your most satisfied customers of 2013, how many of those customers have you asked for a referral? Most sales and business people never ask for referrals. Those that do often ask when it's too late - and make a fatal mistake when asking for them (more on that later). Yet referrals are just about the easiest, quickest and least expensive way of increasing sales and building your business.

It's great to hear more and more feedback from so many businesses that are really busy and thriving despite our sluggish economy. Yes there are challenges around - but lots of opportunities too, especially for small and medium sized businesses. So, what have the successful businesses got right? The basics...

Most sales people logically understand that they would make larger sales and far more money if they sold to the C-suite, but they rarely sell at that level. Learn how to sell to CEOs

In order to increase a sales team's performance, an organization must make two changes. Learn what those changes are and how to implement them.

Have you ever watched a 2AM infomercial? I am the type of person that cannot watch infomercials without buying. They always take me through the same process: Identify a problem that frustrates me; Present an innovative solution; Pile on value to make purchase a no-brainer. Today, I want to focus on that last step of the process.