When you make a subjective decision to view the extra five calls that you make everyday as "a well deserved break," it will amaze you how much you enjoy making them. You will not feel the pressure to make something happen, and consequently, guess what often happens? Yes, often something worth shouting about.

Need help setting goals? Use the SMART goal formula to set attainable goals that will keep you motivated all the year through.

We all have those difficult customers to whom we are required to sell. From the demanding, abrasive buyer to the individual who never seems to make a buying decision, we encounter challenging people on a regular basis. Part of the reason this happens is due to the disconnect we have because of conflicting personalities. Modifying your approach and style, even briefly, will help you better connect with your customers and prospects which means you will generate better sales.

Each year many of set out with the greatest of intentions as we proclaim our New Year's Resolutions, but in order for us to know what we want to change, we must conduct a complete analysis of our lives and assess what we like, what we don't and more importantly what we want to change. If you were asked to reflect on your life would you find that you have been living in your life every day in complete control of it?

You start to ask the prospect questions, and either you're struggling to get answers, they're really not opening up, and they're not giving you a lot of real good workable information. I'm sure it has if you've been in sales for any period of time, but It certainly has happened to me until I understood the one step I was missing...

Planning a life of success is about mapping out the aspects of your life. A life map is a valuable tool for building success year after year. You are not just driving down the road blindly. You have envisioned your destination.

Don't let the post office and media increase your marketing costs. You cannot stop marketing to your customers and prospects. What you can do, in fact I think what you are going to have to do, is use one of your most valuable assets to market for you. Your asset of customers.

Technological advances in recent years have multiplied the amount of information that you must handle. The quantity of information landing on your lap has increased from sources all around you. Imagine how many precious selling hours you could waste each week if you don't harness that tidal wave of information. The idea is to keep tempting but useless information from stealing your time.

As a manager, your job is to lead your employees properly. When was the last time you checked your management style? You might ask yourself whether your management style is good for generating more business leads for your firm.

Everyone faces challenges on the job. Did you know that you can turn those challenges into resume accomplishments? Fill your resume with accomplishments and you'll have employers eager to call you for interviews. Learn this three-step method for turning challenges into resume achievements.