Many are wondering what 2014 is going to deliver for us. But instead of wondering, wouldn't it be great to KNOW what's coming? In other words why not take control of your 2014? This week. In fact today would be a good day to start!. Below is a set of questions that will really get you thinking. Thinking about what you want from 2014. Thinking about the actions you need to take to achieve it. I love this process and I hope you do too!

The Rise of the Procurement Executive

The Top 9 Procurement KPIs you must understand to sell to enterprise

The Chief Procurement Officer is a powerful force in most forward thinking medium to large enterprises. Procurement teams manage themselves according to very specific and quantifiable key performance measurements, which you need to understand and align your enterprise sales strategies with. These KPIs in turn become the benchmarks for supplier evaluation, as well as contract negotiation and renewal. This article details the top nine KPI's for todays modern procurement teams.

I read more and more these days about how happiness boosts success at work. In sales some research suggests that happier people make 37% more sales! I reckon there a few companies who would become very happy if they generated 37% more sales. Except it doesn't work that way round. It's no good someone who sells saying "When I sell loads more widgets I'll be happy" or "when I hit my sales target I'll feel great". You might get a mini high - but it will quickly fade! It works like this...

That one sentiment that at best holds people back. At worst it can kill a business.Even if some of your sales team are not saying this out loud, my experience is that several of them will be thinking it. I'd wager that if your company is not hitting its sales targets, at least 50% of the reason why will be because, whoever's job it is to sell, they won't believe that they can. And by carrying that belief around with them all day, it will directly affect their results...

Executives of large organizations are realizing the need to focus on their core competencies and work with key partners to provide complementary competencies as needed.

This week's "Tricks of the Trade" is all about freshening things up a little - changing your thinking around sales and business. After all, are you doing the same things over and over again yet expecting different results? How about changing things around a little?

I've met some brilliant people in my line of work. Name a business sector and I've probably had the joy of meeting brilliant people within it. That's brilliant at 'what they do'. But, sooner or later they have to get good at what they don't do -- Sell. That's when many develop that well known condition RSS -- Reluctant Seller's Syndrome. Sometimes I think it's catching! The symptoms?

Remember, in today's very competitive business world, the first company to effectively reach their prospects wins.

You can be good if you know how to respond in a way that the other party would think they're genuinely listening -- in other words, they could be pretending. Being a "real" conversationalist is being sincere:

How good is your company when it comes down to passing your MOT tests? MOT? Moment...Of...Truth. Those occasions when you come into direct contact with your customers and potential customers. Those moments which, ultimately, determine what your customers think of you.