When you purchase something, do you have a procedural preference or an options preference? Or are you wondering what on earth I'm talking about? I promise to explain, but firstly I wanted to send the message of just how much of a benefit it would be for you to know which of your customers buy with a procedural preference v those that buy with an options preference. Stick with this...answer the following question with your immediate response...even if it doesn't make sense to you.

Gaining a sales lead is only the first step in what can be a long process. Depending on the type of product and its price, the buying cycle will vary. Generally speaking, the more costly the product, the longer the buying cycle will be. As a result, the lead nurturing process can go on for quite some time. Regardless of the product and buying cycle, however, the general best practices to nurture tend to be the same.

Becoming a top producer in sales is not a knowledge issue. It is a consistency issue.

LinkedIn is a great networking tool and I use it all the time. In fact I received the following via LinkedIn two weeks ago. I present it here word for word, only changing the sender's name to protect the innocent (or, in this case, the guilty). How many flaws can you find in this approach?

I'm beginning to think that our sports stars have cracked this psychology thing. First we have last year's Olympic tales of success. Then Andy Murray finally wins at Wimbledon. The England cricket team secure the Ashes. Now, Mo and co are doing their stuff at the world athletics championships. Do they expect to win? Well I'm a big believer in you get what you expect, not what you hope for. So yes I believe they did. Do they work on building their positivity before a performance? Definitely. How do you put yourself in a positive state? What about your team?

Philips Corporation is a large, Multinational corporation, but at the end of the day, for its team members and customers, it feels a lot like a family.

It's not many years ago that email marketing was the next big thing. Now, many say it's a spent force. It isn't a spent force -- but your results will very much depend on the quality of your contact and customer database. And on the content of your email...

You've been in the same job for over three years. Feeling a little stale? A promotion or change of pace would be ideal and you've seen some interesting jobs on your company's internal career website. Or maybe there isn't exactly what you'd like, but you want to do some further exploration by networking. What do you do?

Growing With Philips While Giving Back

A Look at Ali Esfandiari, Director of Sales Operations for Philips Healthcare

Ali Esfandiari is at the top of his game in sales, but he didn't start out in sales. See how a man who started out in Electrical Engineering ended up discovering a dream he didn't know he had - with the support of his colleagues at Philips Healthcare.

Be honest, which list do you believe in the most? Your answer will tell you a lot. Your answer will reflect your mindset. And it's your mindset which will ultimately be reflected in your behaviour, your actions -- and your results.