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At my core, I am a man driven by curiosity, addicted to acquiring knowledge, focused on obtaining wisdom, and creating value in the World. I devoted much of my life in the pursuit of meaningful connection and growth, and as a result, have become adept at surfing through the waves of uncertainty.

I'm a person on a journey, seeking to explore and develop to my fullest potential. As a serial entrepreneur and active journeyman hiking through the 21st century, I play many roles; my favorites being: "Wealth Architect," "Chief Strategy Advisor," and "Sovereign Leader."

Professionally, I am CEO of The Lazarus Group, a niche consulting firm that specializes in architecting business strategies for serial entrepreneurs and other high-performing executives, as well as Founder and Managing Partner of the Achieva Fund.e and growth strategy.

I am the author of "Wealth DNA: The Master Entrepreneur -- Creating Massive Wealth in the Enterprise," and contributing author of the upcoming (Fall, 2013) book: "Five Pillars to Prosperity: Essentials of Faith-Based Wealth Building."


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  • CEO | The Lazarus Group
    Executive Management
    Jan 2009 to present
  • Senior Analyst | Capstone Strategic
    Financial Services
    Oct 2007 to Feb 2009
  • Paint Branch H.S.
    1982 to 1985
  • Berklee College of Music
    Bachelors - Music Performance
    1985 to 1986