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Certified Professional Salesperson
Certified Professional Sales Person

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I have spent 15+ years in the software arena in several different roles starting as a programmer, then into a variety of software analyst roles and now as a data analyst. To make a long story very short, sadly as hard as I have tired, I have never been successful in any of these roles.

What am I interested in? I'm interested in getting out of this current professional rut because I'm not getting any younger and this industry is not only very competitive but, employers only look to recruit the young ones right out of college. Truthfully, a sales profession was never a desirable choice of mine because most of my life has been an empty void that left me alone and led me to develop this crippling attribute to always feel intimidated or inferior whenever I talk to other people.

So why did I registered for an on-line sales course? To learn the soft skills I need to build a positive self-image and boost my chances in achieving my new career goal. What is my new career goal? It's to be a medical cosmetic sales associate. For the last couple years I have had several of the injection procedures done and this year, I went all out with getting several Cool Sculpting sessions. I was very pleased with the results and I must say that I'm hooked! In addition, older age is an advantage! I am also hoping to network with other sales professionals that are in and/or familiar with this industry and/or have connections they can refer me to. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to learning the essential sales techniques and getting good feedback from everyone.

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