Gretchen Barton

Gretchen Barton

Brooklyn, NY
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Certified Professional Salesperson
Certified Professional Sales Person

About Me

Gretchen Barton is an enthusiastic member of the Envision-U team. With a background in sales and a keen interest in how people think, connect and make decisions, Gretchen has followed her interests to work anywhere and everywhere - from Ivy League Universities to juvenile detention centers; from hospitals and medical centers to restaurants and various non-profits. Gretchen is a published author and nationally recognized expert on hazing prevention. In addition to the science of connection and transformation, Gretchen is very interested in PTSD research and recovery and using role play as a tool for teaching and transformation.

She happily lives with her husband, Joe, as well as her dog and her cat, in Brooklyn, NY.

Recent Posts

  • Standarized Patient Educator | Kaplan Medical
    Healthcare - Other
    2011 to present
  • Research Consultant | Multiple Sclerosis Society; Independence Care System; YWCHA Coalition
    Research and Development
    2004 to present
  • Teaching Assistant | Cornell University
    Education, Training, and Library
    2003 to 2004
  • Health Counselor and Researcher | Cornell University
    Research and Development
    Sep 2002 to Aug 2004
  • Campaign Coordinator | Anti-Hazing Project
    Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
    2002 to 2003
  • Development Director | On Site Volunteer Services
    2002 to 2002
  • Freelance Writer | Various
    2001 to present
  • New Hartford High School
    1996 to 1999
  • Cornell University
    BS - Communications & Planning Campaigns
    1999 to 2003