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Edward Lee is a researcher, veteran sales professional (with close to two decades of experience spanning various industries), as well as a "soon-to-be" founder & master trainer of a suite of proprietary "sales-getting" methodologies that is based fundamentally on the science of matching a salesperson's vibration with that of a prospect.

To the astute reader, you who are reading this, you may have decoded this as numerology. Yes indeed, it is.

However, Edward declines to label his methodologies as numerology per se because firstly there are many run-of-the-mill numerologists and some even considered dubious "practitioners" out there who have tarnished the good name and stature of this age-old discipline and secondly, and most importantly, he has discovered, devised and refined upon these methodologies to the extent whereby he is able to prove both mathematically and scientifically a person's "sales-getting" numbers on a yearly, monthly and daily basis. In fact at the peak of his research, he has been able to prove that, in many instances these sales-getting numbers may appear in and coincide with the numbers of well-known businessmen, entrepreneurs and scientists in the important milestones of their careers - whether be it in the specific year or month in which they succeed in vital ventures or make life-changing scientific discoveries.

Interestingly, these very same sets of numbers, he has discovered, are the ones which appeared in the scientific field of astronomy, human biology and the likes.

As a certified Pythagoras' numbers practitioner, along with his groundbreaking discovery of what he termed as Mathematical-Numerical Science and a long-standing career in sales, he is well poised to help anyone engaged in sales to get sales and appointments in the fastest, possible time frame.

Besides numbers, another key module in his curriculum is the Law of Attraction (LoA). He bills this as "one of the most practical tips developed and tested by sales professionals for sales professionals".

Now, a final word about his methodologies: the effectiveness of this suite of methodologies to generate sales is underscored by his scientifically-proven research that spans 10 years. The litmus-test of its workability lies in the fact that it is being proven to work in actual sales situations / marketplaces.

Interested sales professionals, please keep up with Edward @: edward_mns@instagram, as he will officially launch his institute in the coming months, somewhere in the second quarter of 2018.


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