How to Overcome Deception

Recommended tactics from a Success Seeker

Do you have a library of self-help books? Have you ever wondered why recurring patterns in your personal relationships, with co-workers, and managers keep happening? Why is it that some people seem foreign whiles others, that we just met, seem like we've known them all of our lives?

If these questions resonate with you, you too may benefit from some of my findings at Day Thirteen in NASP's powerful CPSP Program.

A Google search of "sales certification program" reveals over 9,200 websites with NASP at number two. I'd never heard of NASP and decided to take the Seller's Style Assessment. The Assessment validated my beliefs that I was a Value-Based Seller, which, in my mind, provided credibility to NASP. The stated challenges for Value-Based Sellers: giving too much in service of others, investing more than the returns, and a preference to maintain the relationship over achieving business objectives; all rang true for me.

The CPSP Program intrigued me with a promise of breakthroughs. Looking to find a better way, I made the commitment.

In week one we learn about the evolution of Inception, Deception, Transformation, and Identity. Rod Hairston warns about Deception hitting in week two or three and guides students to stick with the program to work through it. Achieving necessary breakthroughs and freeing oneself from Deception my focus.

On Day Eight, we learn about the categories of Deception. Finally! I can describe what I have been experiencing and now understand what those around me are likely experiencing. Primarily a Success Seeker and Rut Dweller, I now recognize my former supervisor, the Stressed Achiever, and a former co-worker, the Fear Seeker. If I'd only known earlier, I may have been able to better meet their needs.

On Day Nine, I woke up in the depths of Deception. Deception hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt paralyzed, dazed, and confused. My mind was full of so much static, I could not focus. From Day One, the Program guides us to be very clear with our Mindset, Vision Goals, and Strategy. Having done so diligently, during Days One through Eight, on Day Nine, step by step, I was able to complete the assignments in a fog. Determined to push through, I decided to get right into the program tomorrow.

On Day Ten, I arose an hour earlier and quickly immersed myself in the program with a fresh mind. Anxiousness and "static" energy proliferated my brain, which made difficult the work. Though I took frequent breaks to exercise and burn off the stress, the tension and anxiety quickly returned.

Day Eleven, reminded of the importance of asking better questions. On Day Twelve, still feeling anxiety, I asked what is the benefit to my ego for keeping me stuck in Deception? This led to deep introspection into feelings of guilt and not feeling worthy of success. Profound anger about being raised within a conditional love environment under the back drop of a fundamentalist religion prevailed. Focus on the source of this energy, pooled in the pit of my stomach, led me to research energy flow through the chakras. Chakra, from Sanskrit, refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. The seven main chakras align with the spine, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. To visualize a chakra in the body, imagine a swirling wheel of energy where matter and consciousness meet. This invisible energy keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive. Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it's important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

Meditation led me to realize energy blocked at my sacral chakra is the source of the anxiety and sense of overwhelm. A desire to liberate this energy led me to Kundalini Yoga practice. In just one 30 minute Yoga session, I was able to liberate tremendous amounts of bottled up energy. I experienced tears of joy and frequent yawns occurred during the practice. Yoga proved very therapeutic and more anxiety relieving than exercise alone. My daily routine now includes this Kundalini Yoga practice.

The CPSP Program takes you on an exciting journey. Like most things, you'll get out of the program what you put in to it. I found interesting that having achieved a major insight and understanding, the following day, the force of Deception became stronger. Rod guides to stay focused and persevere. The process is more difficult than I imagined and I will succeed. It is my intention, by sharing these ideas, to help others achieve Transformation.

Cheers to Happily Achieving.
David Lovelace
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David Lovelace, CPHIMS, MHA
David is passionate about leading healthcare operators to technology solutions that make it easier for care givers to improve patients' health outcomes and increase service levels while boosting net operating income. With experience in healthcare operations, implementing technology solutions, and business development; I help people look at situations differently and expand their view of what is possible. As a licensed nursing home administrator, I led teams to achieve deficiency-free CMS surveys in MA and NY and collaborated with labor unions to increase employee productivity and restore profitable operations.

A promoter at heart, with more than two-decades in sales and sales management roles, I lead clients to implement best demonstrated practices toward achieving their business objectives. A Value-Based Seller, I strive to provide winning solutions for my business partners.
  • /data/userPictures/DAC24BBA-006F-402B-A003-64DB4E41C5AD.jpgClay Daugherty4/27/2016 1:34:19 PM
    David Thank you for this article! I am hitting the deception phase and after seeing this article it really keeps me focused and self driven to dig deep and fight through the negative energy in order to stay in the right mind frame!

  • /data/userPictures/959514EE-95E6-4BAE-BA91-9FBDE2162E53.jpgEdward McAlexander, CPSP11/25/2016 10:02:09 AM
    Well written! I enjoyed it! I will need this when I hit the deception phase

  • /data/userPictures/0038828B-F334-4093-B786-760CBC9F256E.jpgEmily Wertheim1/18/2017 10:16:00 PM
    Thank you for sharing your experience! I am currently fighting through deception, hoping to find similar enlightenment on the other side. Your journey brings me hope and reminds me to stay determined and committed.

  • /data/userPictures/28B1F12C-480C-43FC-9246-BB806C0CC9BB.jpgMichael Helfrich1/28/2017 5:22:13 PM
    Thanks for shairing. Some of your expirences are quite similar to mine. Really put a lot into prospective for me. I too am fighting through deception but since day one (now day 20 or so) I have made this course part of my morning routine like I do other things and even though there are days I don't want to get out of bed, had a bad week, day at work, I still push my self to get it done and continue with my day. Now that I'm a few weeks in now I can see and feel some of the positive changes this course has made. This is the first time I have ever willingly and and eagerly done something with my education and wanted to continue. I have struggled with that aspect and had many failures in my life and this course really is helping me see that and change it. It really has helped changed my life and I can't wait to cross that finish line and see where I am at then!

  • /data/userPictures/A4A16FDC-5DDB-4C09-A37D-F20C529820B1.jpgJulie Michel2/23/2017 2:09:14 PM
    Great article! I definitely hit the deception phase and realized how much different energies can change how you feel.

  • /data/userPictures/D47FA4A6-4A71-4714-A56D-9B174ABD20A0.jpgChris Dravis9/20/2017 6:01:29 PM
    I feel that I have been ok so far but I know that Deception is coming. Day 10 for me and I am not as excited to push through as I was. Thanks for the article!