The In-Crowd is Lame: Why We Must Stand out from Other Sales People and How

The In-Crowd is Lame: Why We Must Stand out from Other Sales People and How-motivatonal sales speaker

I'll never forget my first day of Sharon Middle School. It was the scariest day of school I had ever experienced up until that point. I walked into my new homeroom and there were all new faces. I felt like a total outsider and I swore that I would never be an outsider again. Then I got into sales.

The funny thing about growing up is that we don't really grow up, we just grow into adult bodies. Everyone agrees that it's good to stand out in sales, but few are willing to practice that truism. As a motivational sales speaker, I see that most sales people are doing the same thing everyone else is doing because that's what everyone else is doing.

However, all of the top sales people in any industry are willing to be completely and totally distinct from everyone else. This is why they outsell, out-earn and out-perform--it's not about sales motivation, but rather distinction.

Prospects meet sales people all day long and usually their experience is the same--the sales person was enthusiastic, shared tons of information and focused on his product. This is what many old-school motivational sales speakers have taught. Unfortunately, it's outdated.

To truly pull away from the pack, sales people must do the exact opposite. Here is how:
  1. Be authentic, rather than enthusiastic: When a sales person is overly enthusiastic about their product or service, prospects immediately sense insincerity. Drop the act and simply be real.
  2. Stop persuading: Persuasion is just a fancy term for applying pressure. Instead of persuading, ask questions to determine if the prospect is actually a fit.
  3. Focus on them: Make your sales interactions about the prospect, rather than your product or service. Prospects care about themselves, not you--so focus on what they care about.
Remember, next time you are tempted to do what everyone else is doing, stop. Instead, be authentic, stop persuading and focus on the prospect.

How do you stand out from the competition in sales? Please share below.
Marc Wayshak
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Marc Wayshak ( is the author of two books on sales and leadership, Game Plan Selling and Breaking All Barriers. He is a sales expert who created the Game Plan Selling System based upon his experiences as an All-American athlete, Ivy League graduate, startup entrepreneur and years of research, training and selling. Marc has established a revolutionary selling system for salespeople, entrepreneurs and companies alike. He holds a Master's degree from the University of Oxford and a BA from Harvard University.
  • /_ckcommon/images/blanks/userPicture.jpgErica Simon6/26/2013 11:04:24 PM
    I feel that I stand out from the competition because I refuse to conform to the way others are in my industry. At my job I start with finding something about the client I can relate to and go from there. This allows me to get a feel of how the whole interaction and relationship is needing to be built. People want to be heard and they want you to 'fix it' for them , they want life to be simplified that's why they are coming to you. The hope is that you can accommodate their needs and from there.... sales may develop.