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4 Smart Ways to Find and Win New Clients

Image source: Pexels When prospecting, how do you find new clients who are in the market today? How to connect with them instantly and engage in a dialogue? In this podcast, we will show you the secrets of successful lead generation and what you need to do to start pulling prospects into the conversation. Do […]

Sales Training Today Is For Extroverts — How To Change That?

Most sales training is geared towards extroverts, chiefly for the fact that few introverts entertain sales as a viable means of generating an income, but when the introvert joins the ranks, they can bring a lot to the table that extroverts cannot. It’s important to identify the positive traits that introverts can bring to the […]

Why Introverted Clients Hate Small Talk

You like people and enjoy sales. You believe everyone, no matter their profession, is really a sales person. After all, sales drives business and generates revenue, right? So, whether you’re a manufacturer, service provider, retailer, even educator, you have something to sell to your distributors, clients, customers, students and parents. So, how do you sell […]

Are You Shy, or Just Introverted Salesperson?

Have you ever felt weird in your business environment, like you don’t fit in? Do you hear people (or your manager) saying to you that you need to change, to speak up, to speak louder and be more assertive? Have you ever been labeled “shy” when you’re really just introverted? It’s not a given that […]

Another Way of Handling Price Objections

When presented with a response such as, “I can’t afford this” or “I don’t have any money” there are a number of rebuttals that you can utilize to overcome this objection. The most common rebuttal for an objection of this nature is to reply: “That’s fine. We don’t need a payment today. I can take […]

Setting Up Your Cold Calling Script

Should I follow a script when cold calling? A few of the benefits for introverts of using a cold calling script are: You can practice reading from it before you call to help you sound more knowledgeable, professional, and in control (introverts love to be prepared!) The script contains a list of common objections, with […]

How to Avoid Hype When Selling

All too often, sales managers and salespeople pass off hype as enthusiasm, whether consciously or not. Visit any car dealership and just stand still to get a taste of this practice. Hype appeals to the imagination, both on the part of the salesperson and customer. The problem with hype and imagination during the sales of […]

Effective Persuasion Techniques for Sales

image credit flickr How to make a persuasive sales pitch Everyone is susceptible to being persuaded; persuasion is a process whose objective is to change a person’s attitude and/or behavior towards an idea, event, person or an object. An understanding of various effective persuasion techniques in sales will not only help to make sales and […]

Use EEE™ Representational System to Manage Your Sales Team

You cannot not communicate. Communication differentiates us from animals. We exchange meaning and respond to each other through dialogue. The most important process in any interaction is rapport. Rapport is responsiveness — you don’t have to ‘like’ the other person; it is something we do with another person. Remember that rapport is a process, not […]

Create Your Sales Alter Ego

The words ‘selling for introverts’ are not often enclosed in the same sentence. Indeed, the two are quite mutually exclusive. But a great many introverts find themselves in sales positions, or some other form of customer service, whether retail, food, hospitality, or other. Most introverts discover their own unique ways of coping with the demands […]