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When Verbal or Written Recognition Works Better than Monetary Rewards

If you ask Jason Sweigart how he keeps his staff motivated, he’ll tell you it starts with good manners. “Workplace culture has to be positive,” he says. To do that, Sweigart has found that verbal and written acknowledgements are often worth more than monetary incentives. Sweigart runs at small marketing firm in Leesburg, Virginia, not […]

Five Must Reads for Every HR Professional

Exceptional HR professionals add tremendous value to a company. The best of them understand that a business has no greater asset than its staff. Thus, building healthy relationships with employees not only reduces turnover, it allows companies to retain top talent and attract the industry’s best and brightest. The following books and websites should be […]

Employee Post Summer Recognition Ideas

Employee Post Summer Recognition Ideas: Summer is over and for most, this means that vacations have run their course and the sprint to the holidays is on. With all of your staff back in the office, productivity is sure to increase and depending upon your industry, this could mean the difference between hitting and missing […]