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Fall in Love with the Word NO!

Falling in love with the word “NO” is one of the hardest parts of being in sales–especially if you are a solo entrepreneur and working on your own. To be successful you must make “NO” a friend not a foe. Desensitize yourself to the impact that little word has on you. Every minute you are […]

Would You Like To Beat The New Year’s Booking Blues?

7 Steps to Booking Heaven With the start of each year everyone in direct sales seems to ‘start over’ or at least it feels that way. The first few months determine who is able to regain their booking and recruiting momentum and who will falter. In terms of convention recognition, each year brings the potential […]

I Left a Voice Mail — Why Don’t They Call Me Back?

And What You Need to STOP Doing Have you heard yourself saying, “I am so sick of making calls, leaving voice mails and not getting anyone to return my phone calls!” Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Why don’t they call me back?” “Am I being avoided?” “Am I being too PUSHY?” Reaching out to […]

4 Success Secrets to Improve Your Direct Sales Bookings

Direct Sales Tips to Succeed One of the most important aspects of running your own direct sales or home-based business is keeping your direct sales bookings up. With consistent sales appointments and successful home parties booked, your business will grow. To tackle how to keep your sales up and your calendar full of direct sales […]

How To Conquer The 3 Most Common Networking Concerns

Pushy, Perfection, Possibly NO The weather is beautiful. It’s time to get out, ‘network’ and meet new people. Yet three common networking concerns surface and might hold us back. The most common networking concerns that I hear are what I call the sales plagues of the “P”: Fear of Being PUSHY Plagued by Perfection The […]

My 10 Top Leadership Light Bulbs

To build successful leaders, we must become a better leader ourselves. Although this has been a lifelong journey, the process of developing myself as a leader has allowed me to effectively develop others. Recently, I began to think deeper about leadership. This article is dedicated to the leadership of others: Your Team My top leadership […]

Chronic Follow Up Sales Call Cancellations

What Entrepreneurs and Direct Sales Women Can Do When Sales Leads Cancel Most entrepreneurs, direct sales women who own and operate a business, or those specializing in sales have encountered the “chronic follow up sales call cancellation”. Canceled sales calls can lead to distractions, discouragement, and even worse deter you from your goal, which is […]

Sales Cancellation Checklist

Three Follow Up Appointment Strategies for those Chronic Sales Call Cancellations For those of you direct sales women and entrepreneurs who are unsure of when to change stride with your sales prospecting leads, here are three simple steps to take after the second or third sales cancellation. Ask sincerely and directly: “Is this a time […]

Follow UP Do and Follow UP Don’t

2 Unforgettable Stories Whether you are following up with business contacts, networking leads or prospective employers, effective follow up is the key to getting the sale, securing an offer or sealing a deal. For those who collect leads, 70% of the leads gathered are typically never followed up on…yet there is fortune in the follow […]

Direct Selling

The High-heeled Approach A co-worker helped me understand my fascination with shoes. To my male readers, this article will hopefully provide useful insight and inspiration that transcends gender. We typically start each year full of hopes and dreams to make each year better than the last. With only a fraction of the year behind us, […]