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Is Your Business List Built for a Winning IT Lead Generation Campaign?

Is Your Business List Built for a Winning IT Lead Generation Campaign?: Telemarketing and email campaigns stand and fall by the quality of business lists used to contact potential clients. As it turns out, marketers who give ample consideration to list quality have better chances of getting higher positive contact rates and more meaningful conversations […]

Marketing on a shoestring budget? There’s still a way

Marketing on a shoestring budget? There’s still a way: Sometimes there is just no way to justify the cost of hiring a big-budget PR firm that you have to take chances on modest consultants or even your own in-house specialists to perform the marketing aspects of your business. You’re going to have to take refuge […]

The Five Steps To Successful B2B Telemarketing In The IT Market

For an IT services company, attracting a lot of IT sales leads can be a challenge. That is why there is a need for a better and more productive B2B telemarketing campaign. This, in itself, is a problem already. Why? Telemarketers have pretty much earned a very bad reputation in the business community. You can […]

Into Network Management? Make Your Lead Generation Efforts Work For You

It can be tough to be in the network management business, but it is possible that you have no idea why. That is because the market for this industry is not that large in number, and the number of people offering the same product or services are ever increasing. This could pose a real challenge […]

Be Better In IT Telemarketing In Five Ways

For an IT managed services company, getting more sales leads can be pretty hard. So, when you have the chance, when you are given an opportunity to speak with potential customers, you should take it as an opportunity for a sale to happen. Do not waste it. Well, for some marketers, especially those who use […]