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5 Marketing Lessons from Don Draper and his Mad Men

In today’s television scene, what could be more useful to marketers than a period drama series set in the 1960’s about a thriving Manhattan advertising firm? It’s like the ultimate comic-book film for marketing nerds, if you will. Don Draper leads the cast and fills every scene with ingenious ideas and bravery in advertising his […]

Tips To Go Viral In Appointment Setting

For many marketers, getting their promotions to turn viral is a dream that they would do anything to reach. After all, when your appointment setting campaign goes viral, you get a lot of attention from business prospects. And since you now got their attention, it becomes easier for your marketing team to turn them into […]

5 Ways To Beat Cheaper Competition In B2B Lead Generation

In B2B lead generation, most sales leads prospects would prefer buying from cheaper providers. Given how difficult it could be to generate cash, a lot of would want to get more at a lower cost. And when it comes to prices, your company may not be able to compete effectively, especially if all your competition […]

5 Content Writing Demons and How to Exorcise Them

Articles and blog posts have evolved (back) to its true form in the last few years. They are no longer lightning rods that aim to absorb all search results probabilities; rather, they are now reservoirs of electricity that can sustain itself with its own power — the power of quality. This trend poses a problem […]