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Five Ways To Misread Your Customers And Sales Leads

You may be having a good business running. Sales are high, customers keep returning, and your ratings are high. You now think it is time for you to introduce a new product or service. You then conduct a lead generation campaign to gauge who among your buyers can be new sales leads or business prospect. […]

The Five Greatest Salespeople To Learn From

It is good to have an idol in sales, someone who you can look up to or learn from. This is true in the field of lead generation and appointment setting services. Think of generating sales leads as a rather thankless job, and you will realize why a lot of people leave after some time. […]

How Can Social Media Aid Your Sales Lead Generation Campaign

Social media is forever changing the way you market your products and services to business prospects. Gone are the days that selling is just a one-on-one transaction. These days, it can be a to-and-fro affair, with prospects either becoming your allies in marketing or your worst PR nightmare. But how will this translate to your […]

Get Your Proposals to Convert B2B Leads Into Deals in Five Ways

It can be a real challenge to land a sweet business deal. Especially in the business of lead generation (those using telemarketing, in particular). The success rate can be really low, regardless of what industry you belong to, but suffice it to say that you will do everything you can to keep the business to […]