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Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Shooting Fish In A Barrel: My friend Bill Tucker, President of the Florida Building Material Association, recently wrote in his associations publication (e-BLUEPRINT): The members of one of our business round tables were discussing how to increase sales, when one of them commented on the need for training. Without thinking, I quickly reminded him that […]

Double Your Sales Without Gaining New Customers

Once I read how Proctor and Gamble wanted to double their sales of shampoo without increasing their advertising, without spending any marketing money or even increase the number of businesses that sold their product. Even without gaining a single new customer. And they did it. They doubled their sales by adding one 6 letter word […]

Turn Incoming Calls Into Sales And Profits

The top sales performing businesses understand how very important the telephone is as a selling tool. They understand: Customers and prospects telephone the business because they have a need, problem or want. Many times the telephone conversation determines whether the prospect becomes a customer or whether the customer remains a customer of the business. The […]

The Secret To Lowering Your Marketing Cost

Marketing costs are going up..U.S. Postal Stamps are now at an all time high of 46 cents and the cost of shipping magazines and catalogs is up 20%. Newspaper advertising costs as well are estimated to increase along with radio and television. Printers ink and paper cost are estimated to increase. What is a seller […]

Getting Recommended By Others Will Increase Your Profits

Over the past 30 days you have purchased many items and services. If you are like most of us you are completely satisfied with the products and services you purchased. But how many of the sellers have you recommended to your friends, family and colleagues? If you are completely satisfied why haven’t you recommended the […]

Aggressive Is Not A 4 Letter Word

In the late 1970’s, as more and more small and medium size businesses selling the same products and services I was selling opened in my market, I thought, “It cannot get any more competitive!” I was wrong. In the 1980’s the big box discounters came to town with bigger and brighter stores. As I watched […]

Are You Taking Advantage Of Your Most Valuable Selling Asset?

Your most valuable selling asset is your CUSTOMER LIST Your customer list must contain: The people you have successfully satisfied. The people you can sell to with the least amount of expense. The people who will recommend you to others. The people you can market to when business is slow. I recommend: 1. If you […]

Need New Marketing and Selling Ideas?

Ask Your Staff Need New Marketing and Selling Ideas?: “You must continually find new ideas, strategies and techniques to increase your sales and profits. If you are not moving forward you are falling behind. There is no such thing as staying even in the selling business.” Who talks to your customers more than you do? […]

Bad Business Assumption

Assuming You know The Perrception The Customer Has Of You I was doing a five-day sales training program for a company located in a very small town in South Carolina. One of those small quaint towns with a population of just over ten thousand, one road through the town with only a half dozen traffic […]

A Luxury Once Had Becomes A Necessity

When you can get the prospect to think that they cannot live without purchasing your product or get them to think that they will be much better off purchasing the product / service from you instead of your competition you will close the sale. Even if you are selling a product that is a necessity […]