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A Luxury Once Had Becomes A Necessity

When you can get the prospect to think that they cannot live without purchasing your product or get them to think that they will be much better off purchasing the product / service from you instead of your competition you will close the sale. Even if you are selling a product that is a necessity […]

The Four Things Every Employee Can Do To Increase Sales And Profits

We all know the customer is the most important person in our business, but sometimes we forget that the second most important person in the business is any employee that comes in contact with our customers in anyway. Plus the employee that contacts the customer face-to-face, so to speak, is the person who represents the […]

It’s OK To Ask For The Sale… Really It’s OK!

85% of the interactions between sales people and prospects end without the sales person ever asking for the sale. 85%!” -Retail News by Richard Fenton I asked a number of unsuccessful and marginally successful sales people, “Why don’t you aggressively ask for the sale?” I received these top 3 replies: “I don’t sell by pushing […]

Do You Keep The Customer When The Bread Is Moldy?

I don’t see if often, but I saw it the other day. A real sales professional. A young fellow named Ron, between 18 and 20 years old, working in a grocery store. As I stood at the customer service counter of my local grocery store waiting for my new discount buyers card to be processed […]

All Ya Need Is Attitude And Ownership To Have Selling Success

Sam an old experienced sales professional strained to listen as two of the stores younger salesmen stood at the other end of the room talking loudly about how bad business was and how sick and tired they were with the customers. As he walked across the floor to better hear what they were saying he […]

Outrun The Bear

8 No Cost Techiques Two men are being chased by a bear in the woods. As the bear is gaining on them, one of the men stops and begins to put on a pair of running shoes. The second man stops beside him and says “The bear is too fast for us. You don’t think […]

Shut Up And Take The Money

And What To Do When They Say, “Your Price Is Higher Than The Competition While shopping one of the big box home store discounters for a client I watched a perfect example of overselling. A woman standing by the store’s bathroom sink display asked the salesperson, “Does this sink come in rose color?” Immediately the […]

Market To Them Until They Buy Or Until They Die

Your prospects are inundated with an estimated 2400 to 3000 advertising messages each day. No wonder it’s hard to get their attention. The old adage is true: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” For those too young to understand that old adage, it refers to when the settlers were crossing the wilderness in their covered […]

Do You Need A 99 cent Chicken Sandwich?

The other day I saw a Wendy’s commercial advertising their 99 cent Chicken Sandwich and wondered why they are advertising that price point. After all, in our part of the country you have to spend $3.89 a gallon for gas to get to Wendy’s. So, the cost of a sandwich will not stop a customer […]

Shout It From The Rooftops

Do you know the 3 most powerful words in Marketing? The 3 words that gain the most attention from your customers / prospects? The 3 words that most cause the customer/prospect to continue reading your marketing material and listening to your marketing message? The 3 most powerful words in marketing are: Sale Free Guarantee Practically […]