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Ask the Career Counseling Expert: How Do I Change Careers?

I’m 36 and have been running my own sales consultancy for 12 years. I HATE IT!!!! I want a new career but have no clue what to do: I have no real interests or passions, but desperately want a steady paycheck again. I’m at my wits’ end. Help! It probably won’t make you feel any […]

Ask the Career Counseling Expert: How Do I Tell an Employer I was Fired?

I was fired from my last job. I was the account rep for a major client. The client invited me to his home for dinner. I’m 35. He introduced me to his daughter, who at the time had just turned 18. We started a relationship. I’m not married; she’s of age. When her father found […]

Ask the Career Counseling Expert: Why Can’t I Get a Job Offer?

I am at the end of my rope. I have had close to 100 interviews in the past six months but not a single job offer. I’ve tweaked and rewritten my cover letter and resume so many times that there is almost no room left on my computer for all the various versions. What does […]

Aptitude Tests

A few months ago, a young man who loved sales came to me for career counseling. He was angry. And when I say “angry” I mean “fit to kill” angry. Sometimes, in order to break the ice, I offer to play a quick game with my new clients. In his case, it was a mistake. […]

The Four Stages of Networking

I am an “Ambassador” with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. That’s a fancy title for a volunteer. I also serve on the Chamber’s Education Committee. Most importantly, I host their weekly radio show, The Voice of Manhattan Business. Those are my credentials. Here’s how I use them: Our topic is networking. Networking is not exchanging […]

Getting Your Resume Read

Guess how much time I am going to spend reading your resume. Take your time. Seriously. Don’t rush. Take your time. Think about it. Want to know the answer? Just about the amount of time you have spent reading this article. Not the amount of time you will spend reading this article. The amount of […]