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A Butt in the Seat Trumps Luggage in the Trunk

Do you really listen to your customers and provide what they want, or are you more focused on finding the most profitable way to sell your product and then trying to convince the customer that what you’re doing is actually for their benefit? This thought crossed my mind recently as my rental car shuttle bus […]

Parmesan Garlic Wings with a Side Order of Networking

I attended a weekly business networking lunch at Hooters recently and it was packed. Not surprising, since they’re known for great chicken wings. I sat next to a guy named Robert, who walked in just as we were taking our seats for lunch. He didn’t say much except that he was really busy at work […]

The Networking Adventures of Scooter

I met a man at a business-networking event this week who wouldn’t give me one of his business cards. We exchanged introductions and described what each of us did for a living, and I found out he was a salesperson for a specialty promotional products company. You know; they put your company name on golf […]