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“So Why Should We Hire You?”

If you are currently in a job search chances are you’ve been asked that question already. Undoubtedly, it is the most feared interview question, but one of the most common. It pays to be ready to answer it. helps to understand that the question is an invitation for you to sell yourself. This is a […]

Deal or No Deal?

How To Close Sales When Prospects Call Small business owners know that the most important function of the telephone is to bring customers to you, begging for your service or product offering. So when the phone rings with a prospective customer on the other end, do you know how to transform an interested caller into […]

Four Simple Steps to Update Your Resume

With the doldrums of Summer hiring behind us, Fall is a great time to update your resume. Labor Day to Thanksgiving is typically an active interview season. Don’t be late when opportunity knocks. If you haven’t updated your resume in the past year the following four steps will help you bring your resume up to […]

Three Rules for a Great Sales Resume

Average sales people are a dime a dozen, but great sales people are hard to find. Unfortunately the best sales professionals usually aren’t the best resume writers. They are busy making the sale and seldom take time to update their resume with their best accomplishments until opportunity knocks. If this sounds like you there are […]

Five Reasons Recruiters Aren’t Calling You

No doubt, this is a tough job market, and who knows when it will get better? With so many applicants for too few positions, it’s no wonder employers ignore all but the top qualified candidates. Do you find yourself applying to positions that you are sure you are the best qualified, but you still get […]

Top 10 Interview Bloopers…and How to Avoid Them

We’ve all heard stories of job candidates who looked great on paper but were absolute disasters in person. With fewer interview opportunities available in this competitive market, it’s essential to make the best possible first impression. You can learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the top 10 worst interview blunders. Poor handshake. The […]

Calling All Recruiters; Is Anyone Out There?

Online job services were meant to automate the job search process, getting jobseekers in front of prospective new employers faster. How well is it working for you? If you’ve sent out dozens of resumes and gotten little or no response, it probably feels like you’re sending your resume into a vast black hole. Do you […]

The Secret to Quick Revenue Growth

Learn to Hire the Best Sales Team For small business owners, a good sales team is essential to continued sales and revenue growth. Unfortunately, sales positions are the most difficult to recruit, hire and retain. Relying on industry experience as the key hiring factor is one of the most common errors in filling sales positions. […]

From Pizza Guy to Professional

Three Resume Tips for New College Grads As a career coach, I’m often asked by new college grads how to write a compelling resume when they have little or no professional experience. How can you demonstrate the ability to perform in a professional capacity, such as accounting, marketing or engineering, with a resume that includes […]

Hire Smart

Four Great Interview Questions to Hire Great Sales Staff For small business owners, good sales staff is absolutely critical; they can make or break your business. Unfortunately, salespeople are also the most difficult employees to retain, precisely because of their business value. When hiring a new salesperson, many employers fall into the trap of using […]