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How Asking For Referrals Can Increase Your Sales Effectiveness By 25%

There are companies that hardly use any advertisements and mainly do business on referrals. These companies have realized the value of referrals. For them referred clients are worth their weight in gold for their potential to bring business. Sales professionals may get tired of making cold calls and meeting with prospects. The chances of conversions […]

How To Write Winning Value Propositions With Quantifiable Hard Dollar Figures To Win A Sale

It is natural for customers to probe the “what’s in it for me” interest deeply before making a buying decision. When customers buy a product or a service they ask numerous questions and weigh various pros and cons of buying the product. They are likely to make a cost and benefit analysis. Such analysis should […]

Sales Training and Coaching

The Why Behind the How! Realize that selling is a numbers game. Get more no’s and you’ll get more yes’s. -Sidney Friedman When you miss the sale, it is even more important to make a cheerful, friendly, optimistic, and courteous exit than it is when you make the sale. -Zig Ziglar Don’t pity yourself, Start […]

The Fundamentals of Sales Management

Sales leaders and managers frequently talk about: hiring the right people, sales process mapping, sales strategy, sales force deployment and customer coverage, economic drivers of profit of the customer, sales force effectiveness, and sales compensation. The entire gamut of activities listed above and some more tasks form sales management. Selling is the vital activity of […]

Five Steps for Sales Success in a Slow Economy

A slow economy is a difficult time for business and no salesperson welcomes it. As total business volume slumps, triggering apprehension of deeper recession and pessimisms and uncertainty can prevail. However, it is an inevitable part of the economic cycle and businesses should learn to cope with it and salespeople should develop a strategy to […]

How to Motivate and Coach a Winning Sales Team

We have heard that success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. But sales is a profession that requires large doses of inspiration and motivation on a regular basis in order to be successful. Professional sales people face a lot of rejection and for every ‘YES’ there are at least nine “NOs’. It can […]

Executive Briefing

How Sales Process Improvement Can Help to Increase Margins and Revenue Growth! I find it useful to remember, everyone lives by selling something. -Robert Louis Stevenson We never lead with product; we lead with need. -Zig Ziglar My creativity strikes at the heart of sales – it’s focused on building relationships, improving presentations, and closing […]

The Principles of Professional Selling

The sales profession is the highest paying hard work and the lowest paying easy work. Virtually, the sky is the limit in earning potential in sales. So it’s obvious that such a profession would require a disciplined and professional approach. A casual and halfhearted approach would only result in lost opportunities and revenues in this […]

How to Find and Hire Great Sales People

5 Steps for Staffing Success Riding on a wave of an advertising and marketing blitzkrieg, anybody can sell a good product or service. True “salesmanship” lies in selling an unknown or lesser known product that has an average or non-existent brand name. Only a few possess this talent. Sales staffing should be aimed at hiring […]

Stop Whining and Start Selling

How to Stay Positive in a Negative World “A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. For myself, I am an optimist — it does not seem to be much use being anything else.” — Winston Churchill “The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist […]