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How Important Is Social Media, An Interview With Chris Norton

As a sales expert and someone interested in improving lives and businesses in general I strive to ensure that I am doing the best that I can to be at the cutting-edge of what is going on with new selling ideas and strategies. One area that I have some strong opinions about is social media […]

Are Great Salespeople Born Or Made?

One of my clients asked me last week if I thought great salespeople were born or made. It’s a good question…   Psychologists have been arguing this for years… What is the interaction between nature and nurture for sales professionals? Can you learn successful sales skills – if they don’t come naturally to you? Of […]

Is There Such A Thing As A Professional Salesperson?

Is There Such A Thing As A Professional Salesperson?: I want to be professional”. I’d have a decent sized pot of cash if I’d received a pound for every time a salesperson has said this to me. “I want to be professional”. What do they mean by this? Is there such a thing as a […]

How to Get That Great Sales Job

I get asked a lot of questions as a sales speaker and sales training consultant and this week I was asked a question by several salespeople and a magazine about how to position yourself to get that sales job in today’s market so I thought that I would jot down my thoughts… 2012 was a […]

Is Blogging A Viable Sales Tool?

Is Blogging A Viable Sales Tool?: As an author, sales motivational speaker and sales force development consultant it is very important that I walk the talk and continue to learn and develop myself. One activity which I am always recommending to clients, friends and everyone alike is to keep reading new, old and interesting ideas […]

If Selling Is So Simple Why Can’t Everyone Do It?

How many people do you know who have tried selling at some point in their lives? Out of all of those people, how many failed? The answer to the first question is easy, probably quite a few. At some point or other in their lives many people have had a go at selling even if […]

How to listen for hidden client objections

How to listen for hidden client objections: Salespeople and business people know that listening skills are essential yet when I run sales training seminars I am constantantly amazed by how poorly most people listen to their prospects and clients. This may well be that people have had too little sales training in this area, it […]

Possibly The Best Time Management Advice Ever

Possibly The Best Time Management Advice Ever: Have you ever wanted to write a book? Take up a hobby? Learn a new language? Do you know someone who wants to study for a new career? Spend more quality time with their children? Get fit and exercise more regularly? Have you yearned to spend more time […]

Repetition Is The Key To Sales Success

“Repetition is the mother of all skill.” ~ Tony Robbins, author of Unlimited Power In sales seminars and sales training programmes I often talk about the difference between sales skills and sales techniques… Repetition: Sales techniques are something external to you, they are something that you hear or that you know. Sales skills are something […]

How To Get Fired Up To Make More Sales

Few people would argue that motivated salespeople and business people make more sales. Wandering around looking like the world is out to get you and with your chin dragging along the floor never helped anyone to be a sales superstar and it never will. Your attitude, your mindset and your approach will always play a […]