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Author Archives: George Matthew

How Good CTAs Improve Sales

A CTA tells the visitor what next to do. If you want to sell more or get people to convert, a CTA is the first pit stop. This post will discuss the importance of a good CTA button in the sales process.     How to Write a Call to Action It doesn’t matter which […]

6 Best Sales Strategies To Start Using Today

Image source: Pexels In this post, we will discuss the best sales strategies you can use for your business. Increase online sales through social media Social media is one of the unique ways for people to access and consume information online. Nine out of ten retail businesses are active on social platforms. With the data, […]

How to send emails that turn readers into buyers

Image source: Pexels Most people send emails and receive them. Of these newsletters are popular. Most newsletters don’t get read and of the few that get read the majority don’t result in improved sales numbers. If you create email newsletters then you must master the art of turning your subscribers into customers. Here are a […]

Visual Elements on Your Site to Help You Sell More

Image source A website should be effectively able to communicate what it stands for to others. A nicely designed user interface can help with that and cement your USP. A good user experience can make the case for marketing and selling a product. It portrays the details of what the user wants and needs from […]

How to build a social media sales machine

There are billions of people on social media networks, with at least 1.3 million new people joining every day. That’s the reason you need to focus on social media channels. Most millennials, for example, have an account on one or the other social media channel. That means you have ready access to your audience if […]