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How Emotions Can Increase Your Sales

When you are qualifying a prospect or finding the problems as I call it, you want to probe deep inside to find the logical and emotional reasons why they want what you are offering. I have also seen this form of questioning put in a different way, when you’re selling to businesses; you want to […]

How to Make Maximum Sales in Minimum Time!

How would you like to get more positive results in sales? I want to give you an exercise you can use to dramatically change the results you are currently getting. Before I do that I need to give you a little background about how our minds work. You see your mind is a goal seeking […]

Are You Trying to Sell Me Something?

Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Every now and then I receive an email or a comment from a subscriber that just makes me chuckle. Chuckle may not be the right expression. Actually these comments make me shake my head in amazement at the people who are in this industry. I’m speaking of sales of course. […]

What is The Law of Attraction and How Does it Work?

In the next few minutes you are going to learn exactly why you get some things you want and some things you don’t want. I am going to challenge your current beliefs about why things happen the way they do. There are Universal Laws that govern The Universe. These basic principles have been around since […]

How To Get Referrals Month After Month After Month

It’s another day at the office, and you’re waiting for a potential customer to call or walk in. How different would your business be if your current customers were enthusiastically seeking out prospective customers for you? Imagine how exciting it would be to talk to people who already know about you and your products or […]

How To Quickly Establish Rapport With Your Prospects!

I’m sure you’ll agree, establishing rapport and trust with your prospects is one of, if not the most important presentation skills you can learn. It’s been said many times, people only buy from people they like and trust. Have you ever had an experience with a salesperson and you have said to yourself “I will […]

To Persuade More (and Sell More) This Comes First

You’re sitting in front of your prospect. You’ve spent time building a deep level of rapport, trust, and making them your best friend. They’re smiling and very at ease with you. So what’s next? What’s taught in most books, courses, and by sales managers all over the world, as you probably already know, is to […]

Are You Making Critical Mistakes Qualifying Your Prospects?

You created interest with your prospect by making a big promise, and stated a feature to back up your promise. You gave them a logical and emotional benefit, and backed everything up with evidence. Finally, you asked their permission to ask questions. Because you did such a great job up to this point, your prospect […]

Discover the 2 Reasons Why People Buy Any Product or Service

The Key to Succeed in Sales When it comes to qualifying a prospect it’s important to understand the reasons why people do things, and ultimately, why they will or will not buy your product or service. You see, people will buy your product or service to satisfy one of two main needs. Some times they […]

Avoid These Two Big Sales Mistakes

Two important things you must determine during the qualifying are whether your prospect has the authority to make a buying decision today, and whether they have the finances available to make the purchase. Many salespeople assume the person they’re talking to has the decision making power for the purchase. Sometimes, the person you’re meeting with […]