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Integrity: The Most Misunderstood Word!

The word “integrity” is the most overused and misunderstood word in business. Many claim to have the upmost highest level of integrity when it comes to serving their customers, respecting their service partners and treatment of their employees but very few really know what the word means. By definition, integrity means “a steadfast adherence to […]

The Secret Weapon in Goal Achievement: The Why!

Did you ever wonder why so many fail at reaching their goals? The answer is simple, they couldn’t tap in to the most powerful weapon they have in their arsenal: The Why. When beginning your journey towards making change in your life and setting goals, you must not only have a clear direction and plan […]

Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, Oh My

These days, I imagine if Dorothy was lost in the internet jungle that is what she would be saying as she skipped down the yellow brick road trying to figure out social networking sites. Similar to a cocktail party or event, social networking is the act of meeting and engaging with people with one slight […]

Three Phases of Your Customer’s Buying Decision

As you begin to engage your prospect in the sales process, it is important to understand how they move through a decision to find a solution. If you communicate the wrong message at the wrong time, you could risk losing the sale so it is important to understand your customers concerns as they move through […]

Help! I’m Feeling Overwhelmed!

With the hundreds of people I work with, I seem to aways get asked the same question, “How do you get it all done?”. As business owners, we have a tendency to take on many projects at once often leaving us stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy with our performance resulting in the “F” word coming out…failure. […]

A Pop of Color

As I walk out of my front door each day, I take a moment to scan the neighborhood. For the longest time, I only saw shades of grey and white as we wait for the snow to melt. On this particular day, when I scanned up and down the street, I noticed to see the […]

Get New Customers by Giving it Away

In today’s day and age, obtaining a customer’s trust is one of the biggest acquisitions any business can hope to obtain but we often let our marketing fluff get in the way of making a true connection that leads to a purchase since most of our customers are bombarded with marketing messages every day, our […]

Tips to Overcome the Status Quo

Change for many of us is hard to do simply because we are afraid of trying something new. We may fail, or we may look ridiculous or may be embarrassed in front of other people, so we often choice not to try new things and make excuses why. By making excuses we are depriving ourselves […]

Stop Selling and Start Storytelling

In today’s information age, people are overwhelmed with information, data, and events to the point of being bombarded. With the advancement of technology that overwhelmed feeling is increased tenfold by the quick access to everything. So what does this mean when you are trying to command the attention of your audience, a prospect, an employee […]

Proven Tip to Achieve Your Goals

Each year, millions set out to achieve their big, big goals and often start with the greatest of intentions but never make it to the finish line. The reason is simple, they do not set deadlines!. Deadlines can be used to your advantage and are proven to improve your success rate when trying to achieve […]