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6 Critical Brand Questions to Start your Year off Right!

Many business owners are setting out to complete their business plans to prepare them for the upcoming year and for future success. The planning process is such a critical component in business, I am amazed at how many business owners do not take the time to not only think about their business, but to put […]

The Proof in the 5 ‘P’ Method to Positioning

One of the strongest marketing tools you have is your customers so why not use them to help get your message out and help build your business. A strong testimonial will allow you to instantaneously enhance your credibility, differentiate yourself and improve your close rate. A testimony is a written or verbal statement about a […]

5 Things You Need to Change Now to Create Your Own Luck!

Did you ever see that girl across the room that you were just mesmerized by? You know the one…..she has a beaming smile and gals and guys alike are very interested in her every word. She is not overly good looking, average to some standards, but she is attractive because of an air of confidence […]

7 Tips to Master the Sales Process

When many of us hear the word sales, we often cringe at the thought of an aggressive sales person hovering over us to make a purchase on an item that we aren’t convinced brings tremendous value. No wonder as business owners, many of us are fearful of the sales process. Here are 7 tips to […]

5 Serious Sales Mistakes Made by Many

In today’s environment, reaching your target audience and key decision makers is more difficult than ever. Whether you are in a corporate sales position, involved in internet or retail sales or simply just pitching a solution or idea to a colleague, chances are you are making some critical mistakes that are resulting in you not […]

ABC’s of the Perfect Elevator Pitch

One of the most important things a business owner can do is learn how to speak about their business to others. Being able to answer the “What do you do?” question and sum up the unique aspects of their business in a way that excites others to inquire more in a brief and concise manner. […]

Selling from the Heart and not the Head

As business owners, we get into business with the best of intentions and a passion for what we want to do to earn a living and then we are faced with the reality that we must have sales in order to ring our registers and put food on our tables. And that requires us to […]

7 Simple Tips to Get Others to Buy Your Product

Imagine this… You create a product. You put up a sales page and order button. Then you unleash your advertising skills to get your offer in front of as many people as possible. And then… Nothing! No sales! (Well, maybe a tiny trickle.) But not the flood of PayPal or Clickbank notifications that we you […]

5 Social Networking Mistakes

In the last couple of years we have seen a huge shift in marketing as more and more businesses gravitate to social networking sites to promote their business, build relationships with their customers and connect with potential partners. With the onset of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn, millions of people […]

The Secret Formula for Building a Million Dollar Business

According to the Small Business Administration, roughly 50% of all small businesses will fail within the first five years and those that make it, only a small percentage of them will achieve long term success. So in essence, your small business is doomed to fail! Starting a small business is always risky but if you […]