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Take ACTION and contribute to your sales success with 7 simple steps.

Frequently during my sales workshops I get asked “what’s the biggest contribution to success?” Now that’s a tough question to answer. There are so many things that determine whether you are destined for success. If I had to pick one, it would probably be taking ACTION. Without it, you will never get the results you […]

You Need To Get Mental To Achieve Sales Success! Are You Fit To Sell?

Companies are storing record cash amounts. They’re hoarding their revenues for more rainy days ahead. They’re spending little at the moment. They’re making do. One day though — one day they’ll will be ready to spend big. Their cash reserves are colossal — after all, profits have held up well and companies have cut out […]

Not having the Sales Success you need? Here’s 6 reasons why…

When a company fails, the usual reasons get trotted out; “unfavourable market conditions” “the longest recession since xxxx” “fashions have changed” “the internet”. Maybe it’s the same if you don’t reach your sales targets? In my book these all group together into one ‘not me guv’ excuse. Anyone hiding behind these reasons for a failing […]

Brilliant Sales Results don’t happen by accident. So Listen up!

Brilliant sales results do not happen by accident. Of course there’ll be an occasional fluke — but on the whole, sustained sales success certainly does not happen by chance. To be relaxed, confident and in control — and ultimately successful in sales — takes some level of preparation. From the shortest telephone chat to a […]

The ten things that dictate your sales results

I’M A BIG BELIEVER IN YOU GET WHAT YOU EXPECT, NOT WHAT YOU HOPE FOR. DO ATHLETES WORK ON BUILDING THEIR POSITIVITY BEFORE A PERFORMANCE? DEFINITELY. How do you put yourself in a positive state? What about your team? It could be photo’s of loved ones, pictures of beautiful places you want to visit…or stuff […]

If you’re serious about Increasing Sales, you need more I.P.A (and i don’t mean the beer)

Why you need more I.P.A For most of us, after our summer holidays, we share that foreboding as we crack up our laptops wondering what ‘the figure’ of emails will be. Then there are the bragging rights. I reckon most people share their inbox total with their immediate colleagues within 30 minutes of discovering it […]

Sales Techniques — Why are they so bad?

Why are Selling Techniques so bad? You will know by now I’m on a mission to improve the nation’s selling techniques. It seems every day I collect more evidence of just how big a challenge that is going to be! On the other hand a bottom less pit of potential work it seems. Take my […]

Is Your Language Affecting Your Sales Success?

What Language are you Speaking? The language you use has a massive impact on your results. That goes for the language you speak, and the language that meanders around internally in your head. If you keep saying things are hard…guess what, it will be hard! You’re instructing your brain to expect hard, expect tough…and so […]

Decreasing Marketing and Increasing Sales

Most companies I help receive incoming enquiries — via the telephone line, emails, exhibitions, the list goes on. None of these companies convert 100% of those enquiries into a sale. Of course, 100% conversion is pushing it a bit! However — there’s no doubt that all of these companies had potential to increase their conversion […]

9 Ways To Achieve Networking Success!

9 ways to improve your networking results‏ Despite the onslaught of social media and on line networking, ‘real life’ networking is still a crucial element of many companies’ sales and marketing strategies. Quite right too — there are massive benefits to be had from attending networking events. Providing you’re at the right event for you. […]