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Want Sales Success? Well Forget you! Think Them.

Forget you and forget your standard sales presentation. Let me explain…all of us have our own unique way of perceiving the world. This map has been created from the moment you were born to this very day…all your experiences have gone into the pot and created your map. Nobody else will have had your experiences […]

Sales Success Unlocked: Know Your ‘Sales Direction Filters’

Do You Know Your Customers’ and Prospects’ ‘Sales Direction’ Filters? Knowing the Sales Direction Filters of your customers and prospects is crucial to increasing your conversions and generating all round improvements in customer relationships. At The Sales Consultancy we think they’re vital in business and could not imagine our customer relationships without this knowledge. So […]

How to Generate Better Relationships and Start Increasing Sales!

WHY CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS FAIL… Have you ever asked anyone a question that can be answered in a sentence or two — and yet they’re still talking 10 minutes later? Or maybe asked for more detail on a subject — and been given a one line answer? Are you the person that is only interested in […]

Does Having a Mentor Really Add to Your Sales Success?

Cards on the table — I’m a massive fan of mentoring! So it’s a big yes for mentoring from me. We all need help now and again. Help in the form of unbiased support, a friendly prod to move things along, maybe just an understanding ear. I’ve found that those who say they don’t need […]

How Much Sales Success Are You Actually EXPECTING?!

“You don’t get what you want in life; you get what you expect”‏ Here’s some questions for you… Do you know where you’re heading? In work? Away from work? In Life? Where is it all leading to? Does it have to lead anywhere anyway? A bit deep for a Friday? Maybe. Let’s drill it down […]

Bad Sales Techniques and how they are costing you sales!

Why are Selling Techniques so bad? You will know by now I’m on a mission to improve the nation’s selling techniques. It seems every day I collect more evidence of just how big a challenge that is going to be! On the other hand a bottom less pit of potential work it seems. Take my […]

How to turn those ‘Excuses’ into Sales Success

What excuses are you making? Excuses can be very easy to find when it comes to explaining away disappointing sales performance — and especially when we allow ourselves to go and search for them. In 30 years in selling I’ve heard them all. “The economy is against us” “The competition is much cheaper” “Our stuff […]

Eliminate the “P” Word to increase your sales

Today I entered ‘time management courses’ into Google. It produced about 200,000,000 results in 0.29 seconds.And yet time management courses are often a waste of time. Why? Because you know what to do. You know when you should be doing it. If you’re not doing it, I’d reckon it’s not about time management at all […]

One BIG reason why you lose sales‏… plus a few tips on how to Increase sales!

Did you know that, without meaning to, you’re turning away up to 40% of your potential customers? Let me explain. In a nutshell, when choosing products or services, your customers will be motivated by one of two things; pleasure or pain. Never is the pain and pleasure principle more apparent than in the selling arena. […]

8.5 Tips For Increasing Sales Through Better Meetings

Meetings. Do you love or loathe them? Whatever your answer, you know that sooner or later you’ll be attending one! According to a survey, 45% of us are blighted by “having a meeting for the sake of having a meeting”. Ring any bells? I’ve attended a few meetings in my time. Some excellent. Some not […]