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Building Blocks for Inside Sales Success

Important questions to ask yourself when your pipelines are lacking and deals are not closing 1. If I am not closing deal… It means I am not setting enough appointments with decision makers who are interested in buying from me. NEXT STEP: Diagnose why you are not setting enough quality appointments: * Are you setting […]

Make Yourself a Sales Natural in 3 Easy Steps

3 easy ways to establish yourself as a sales leader and trusted partner in your industry 3 Tips to Make Yourself a Sales Natural 1. Develop a passion by educating yourself. I was already passionate about my product, but to have a natural conviction I needed to develop a passion industry. * Sign up for […]

Business Development Event Success Checklist

Checklist to ensure you get ROI from your next networking event 1. Do you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish? Are you debuting a new product? Are you recruiting new customers? Whatever your goal, make sure you have it clearly defined before attending the event. Better yet, have it clearly defined […]

3 Easy Ways to Retain Top Talent

How to retain a sales people without spending more money In reflecting on non-financial aspects of my job that make me feel most satisfied and most loyal to my employer, I came up with 3 things that I am grateful for today. As a sales manager, I prioritize trust, flexibility, and recognition as non-monetary ways […]