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Your Buyer is Smarter than You

Too many salespeople view their buyers as anything but smart, especially those salespeople who deal with purchasing departments. In far too many sales communities, there exists an attitude that buyers and purchasing departments are nothing more than barriers that need to be broken down. Well, yes there are barriers. Ironically, though, they are barriers that […]

Why Buyers Don’t Like Salespeople

If buyers could get by without salespeople, do you think they would? It is an interesting question if you stop and consider the role of the salesperson. Of course, considering the role in an abstract way is one thing, but what about when you consider it from a personal perspective? What happens as a salesperson […]

Negotiating and the Three Ts

Trust, Time and Tactics Successful negotiating requires you have a strategy. The clearer your strategy before negotiating, the more successful you will be. At the core of the strategy is what I refer to as the “3 Ts of Negotiating: Trust, Time, and Tactics.” Master these as part of your selling skills and you will […]

Negotiation Checklist to Ensure a Successful Outcome

Want to go into negotiations with the best selling skills possible? Want to increase your sales motivation and your profits? Make sure you’re following this checklist on every negotiation. Never negotiate with anyone who is not qualified to negotiate. If in doubt, ask how they’ve handled a similar type of negotiating in the past. Listen […]

Why Customer Service Destroys Salespeople

One position that has not been impacted by the economy is sales. Ask any CEO and you will hear that one of their biggest issues is finding and retaining good salespeople. Something happened on the way to a sour economy: Too many companies learned the hard way that their salespeople didn’t know how to sell. […]

14 Steps to Successful Cold-Calling

The vast majority of salespeople do not enjoy cold-calling. Yet, at the same time, it is an activity that most need to do on a regular basis if you want to sustain sales motivation. The biggest reason sales professionals are not more successful in this necessary endeavor is because they fall back on the defense […]

Who Really Achieves Success in Sales?

Success in sales does not go to the one who has the lowest price. Nor does success in sales go to the one who has the best customers. And, success in sales does not go the one who has the most intelligence. Who really achieves success in sales? The people who practice integrity with every […]

What to Look for When Considering a Professional Sales Training Program

Professional sales training programs are not quick solutions. Rather, they are a part of the solution in growing sales. As important as it is to implement the right one, it is equally important to ensure you have a culture and a management group that will embrace the sales training program and will work to reinforce […]

Are You Ready to Meet the CEO?

It’s the meeting for which you’ve been waiting. Finally, you’ve been able to secure a meeting with the CEO of the company you know you can help. For the past year, you’ve been researching the company and developing relationships with as many people as possible. In particular, you have gotten to know the two gatekeepers […]

Sales Motivation

The First 30 Minutes of the Day The first 30 minutes of the workday will set the tone for the entire day. For most people, the first half hour of the day consists of settling into the office routine by grabbing a cup of coffee, checking the internet, and, of course, chatting with others. Now, […]