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Closing a Deal – Meeting Preparation

Preparation is a difference maker. It separates the top sales teams from the inconsistent ones. Assuming lead generation and cold calling have both been done correctly, preparation for this first meeting has been taking place before it was even secured. There is always more to do though, even marginal improvements count. While preparation isn’t necessarily […]

Closing a Deal – Cold Calling

Sales professionals not only need to be able to qualify prospects and pitch to them with all the required facts, but they also need to take care of the middle ground — booking the meeting. Despite the convenience of social media and email, personable conversations are crucial to making an introduction and holding attention. Due […]

Closing a Deal – Lead Generation

When done effectively, lead generation does not resemble shouting repeatedly into a room full of people. Even if somebody was interested, you’d miss them in the crowd. It does not look like door-to-door sales. The next street along may be ready to buy but meet your competitor first. Instead, it resembles a conference. A targeted […]

Meeting Execution

Meeting Execution: There’s a reason for the lofty status applied to first impressions. The beginning of every meaningful relationship involves an initial point of contact. Decision makers want to see a person they can believe in before they move further along the sales process. While the first meeting may not seal a deal, it determines […]

Closing a Deal – Closing

If you have qualified, spoken to, met and pitched to a lead, you have to be confident a deal can be done. Not every attempted sale can be closed, but missing out on genuine opportunities is unforgivable. Your competition is only a flurry of key presses away and if you pass up on chances to […]

Closing a Deal – The Pitch

Continuing the conversation thread from your meeting and proposal is intrinsic to a high quality pitch. Your prospective client is giving you the opportunity to elaborate on your proposal by further identifying and subsequently showing how your product or service can solve their needs. If you ensure they are central to your presentation you will […]

Closing a Deal – The Proposal

Countless proposals are submitted every day, but many of the sales professionals that write them don’t tick the fundamental boxes that enable them to stay in the running to win the business. Whether this happens as a result of deficient research or preparation, failing to deliver an adequate proposal is unacceptable. You’ve earned the right […]

Lead Generation – Media and Social

Media and Social: At every point during the lead generation process, structured use of social media, dovetailing marketing and sales strategies can strengthen your approach. Online technology as well as print advertising and press can be used to create and maintain relationships with leads and prospects, so not investing time in these methods can damage […]

Lead Generation – Industry Targeting

Lead Generation – Industry Targeting: Identifying target industries can be an intimidating task if you don’t perform extensive analysis and research that gives quantifiable reasons to support and drive your lead generation process. Ask yourself whether the businesses within this industry are ones you may have worked with before, or perhaps you have researched them […]

Lead Generation – Location Targeting

Constantly assessing and re-targeting your marketing and contact methods to prospective customers should be a regular occurrence in every sales environment to ensure continued lead generation. Location targeting is just one aspect of this. Although locations can be seen as restricting, particularly to smaller businesses, current deals should be mapped out and analysed. If you […]