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The Three P’s of Selling

Passion, Pride, and Perseverance Passion First, you have to have passion for what you do. That’s what drives you every day. It’s what nobody can stop you from doing. It’s what doesn’t feel like work. You need to be passionate about your products and services, your clients, about being an entrepreneur and about selling. When […]

Bumper Stickers for the Sales Professional

My Three Sales Mantras 1. Believing Is Seeing In sales, we start with believing. We must believe in ourselves first in order to see the successes. I call it the “mirror test.” If you’re the little kitten looking into the mirror, you have to see a lion. If you wake up in the morning, and […]

Refuse to Lose

What It Takes to Get Back in the Fast Lane in Sales Refuse to Lose: Is the rise of the Internet a blessing or a curse for today’s sales professionals? On the hand hand, it makes prospecting easier. On the other hand, customers are well informed. They use smartphones, google product features, compare prices. No […]

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