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Who Told You That You Can’t Succeed?

Meshell’s Success Misnomer #1 — There is no can’t. There is an infinite number of ways to get to your desired result. Let’s get right down to it. The reason we struggle is not that of a lack of resources. But instead, it is our beliefs limiting our ability to activate our resourcefulness. Most often […]

Women of Sales & Influence: Nothing is Impossible!

Women of Sales & Influence: Nothing is Impossible! “Nothing is impossible, the word itself is I’mPossible.” Audrey Hepburn Be someone who lives | The Birth of I’mPossible. So often we hear of people sharing “how” they were able to do something impossible in spite of the odds against them. We hear how they did it […]

5 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back

From Being A Top Sales Person Sales success is an endeavor that is defined by numbers. The more sales, the better your numbers. And although this is true, often you can become so focused on the numbers you forget some of the essentials necessary to become a top sales person. If you are finding your […]