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For What Do You Stand

I really had no intention of teaching myself an important lesson this past Monday. I thought I was just drinking coffee. But there I was, sitting in a local Starbucks with my friend and fellow business owner Victoria. We were talking about the usual stuff: Our families, the weather and, of course, swapping ideas to […]

The World’s Greatest Marketing Tool

I have a terrific office. It’s just a few miles from my house. It’s directly across the street from our town’s village green. It’s so close to the starting line of the Boston Marathon, that if I mash my face against the side window (not recommended), I can see the painted start line in the […]

You Talking To Me?

Matching your words to your audience. You probably think I work from home. It’s a reasonable assumption; most solos do. But I’ve always had an outside office. I think it’s mostly because when I started my business in 2000 I had three children under the age of seven. At that point, I was just looking […]

That’s The Way You Do It!

Marketing Lessons From a Street Musician I don’t know for sure, but I’m willing to bet that my 14-year-old son Jonathan will never have a “real job.” Last month was a perfect example of why not. We were up in beautiful Burlington, Vermont for a couple of days, visiting Champlain College. My wife Linda is […]

Hoop Dreams

It’s what you know about your game. I don’t want to disappoint you, but I guess I’m not really much of a sports fan. Out of the “Big Four,” I have just a passing interest in football, zero interest in baseball and, despite having attended college in wonderful Montreal, a negative interest in hockey (that is to […]