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Making the Ask

Traction. Businesses need it to help grow products, services or the actual company itself. Growth and success are about building traction over time. Products and services able to solve problems and bring value to customers through innovation and creativity will create that traction needed. So, what is the key to creating real traction? It is […]

5 Tips and Tricks to Succeed at Networking

Achieve Business Development Goals through Networking Networking For some, the word alone is cringe worthy. For others it’s an invigorating breeze. Regardless of the way you feel about it, it’s necessary for business development. Below are five tips and tricks to become successful at networking. 1. Scope Out the Scene As a professional, one of […]

6 Steps to Sales Success as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, the ability to create sales is an integral part of success for both you and your organization. These skills are formed based on focused behaviors. As the entrepreneurial journey unfolds, it will be easy to get distracted and burn through resources (time, money and energy). We completed a recent survey based on […]

The Sales Funnel

If you ever watch an episode of Shark Tank you know the number one asked question is what are your revenues? So ask yourself ‘what are the revenues’ of your current business. If you don’t know, a good idea would be to start measuring the revenues. If you do know, are they at a level […]

The Importance of Sales for an Entrepreneurial Organization

By definition, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business and is willing to take on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. Practically speaking, an entrepreneur is required to wear many hats including Chief Revenue Officer.   One of the keys to being an entrepreneur and running a […]

The Art of Influence

The Influential Entrepreneur One of the most important roles an entrepreneur plays in their daily routine is Master Influencer. Whether dealing with customers, team members, investors or personal relationships, the entrepreneur is constantly balancing life’s normal status quo with what is possible and uncertain. It is a battle between perception and reality, vision and compliance. […]

Tackling Twitter

Sales and internet promotion go together like peanut butter and jelly. Since the evolution of YouTube in 2005, people have been as attached to the internet as they have to the television for a source of entertainment. Music videos are even being produced for internet distribution rather than television broadcast. So, it would only make […]

Facebook for Sales

It’s all about racking up those likes on Facebook. From head bobbing cats to cute kids and vacation pictures, Facebook is the social network that people use to justify poking and thumbs up. With all those hand signals going on it’s easy to miss the fact that Facebook can be a fundamental tool to a […]