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10 Ways VOIP Phone Systems Can Enhance Your Customer Experience.

Image Source: Unsplash Today as the world is getting closer and more businesses are going global, there is a rise in customer expectations. And so, if you need to succeed in this competitive world, you need to up your game. It would help if you excelled in all departments so that you can outrun your […]

Undermined By A Co-Worker

I recently graduated from college and decided to go into the real estate market. I have been lucky enough to have a boss who values my diligence and research skills. As a result, he gives me more leads than he does his own son who is my coworker. There is definitely some animosity rising and […]

My Boss is Flirting With Me

I am a new, (young single white man) associate with a retail firm that I am finding very fulfilling and rewarding. It really is a dream job except for one troubling encounter that is making me very uncomfortable. My boss happens to be a very attractive older woman. From the day I joined the company […]

How Can I Reinvent A Stale And Lackluster Attitude?

I’ve been a manager in the food industry for 12 years. I still like my job but lately I am feeling somewhat stale and lackluster. In a way, I’d like to reinvent myself but it’s awkward around the people that have known me for so many years. How can I “up” my level of performance […]

Politic Problems in My Business Exchanges

I am an independent contractor for a billion dollar organization. I am a visionary and a sales leader and have implemented many strategies that have resulted in huge monetary upsides for the company I serve. The problem is that politics are starting to play a major role in my business exchanges with them. Many of […]

Apprehensive About A Career Change

I am considering a career change. I have been an accountant for a construction firm for 15 years. Lately, I am not feeling any fulfillment with my job. My coworkers annoy me. I don’t understand my boss’s mission at all. Is there a way I can make a rational decision about this and come to […]

My Boss is Stealing My Sales

I am a young sales associate at a local retail store. I worked there all during college and even after graduating, I still enjoy the commission based set-up I have with the company. Even though I do not work full time there, I am still outperforming and surpassing most others in the business, including my […]

Having Trouble Closing A Sale

I am a fairly new salesman at a BMW dealership. I love cars! I love talking about them and I love meeting the people who also love BMW’s. My biggest challenge is closing a sale. I have asked some of my peers for help. They may be sincerely trying to help me but it still […]