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Author Archives: NASP Team

What Is the Buyer’s Journey? A Guide to Understanding the Consumer’s Buying Process

The sales industry has changed in a way that has never been seen before: today, buyers have access to a vast wealth of information that was previously unavailable to them. This is what makes the buyer’s journey so important. This means you’re not just interacting with them as if they’re ready to buy right now. […]

Strategic vs Tactical Planning: How Are They Different?

Whether we’re talking about your business or personal goals, planning proves to be essential to success. It sets the general direction that we have to take. This gives us a roadmap of sorts by which we can assess our actions. What you’ll usually hear about planning is strategic vs tactical planning. They’re both seen as […]

Real Estate Lead Generation in 2023: 7 Tried and Tested Methods

Whether you’re in a buyer’s or seller’s market, the job of a real estate agent never stops. Since your income is based on how good you are at closing deals, it’s important to keep a constant stream of clients coming in. That’s why if you want to survive and thrive in this profession, you must […]

Email Etiquette: 18 Rules to Make the Perfect Impression on Anyone

Have you ever seen how misunderstandings happen over text and other message-based communication platforms? Unfortunately, this tends to happen a lot because you can’t transmit tone over text. The world of business is also not immune from miscommunication. It would be easier if there were just an email etiquette template to follow, but it’s not […]

What Is Total Revenue? Definition, Formula, Calculation and More

The success of a business revolves around numbers. Although it’s also important to make sure your organization contributes real value to the community, numbers will determine whether or not you can continue fulfilling their purpose. One of the most basic things that any business owner must know is total revenue.  In this article, you’ll learn […]

How to Use BANT to Qualify Prospects in 2023

If we set out to give BANT meaning in one sentence, we could say something like: “Tell me your budget, and I will tell you who you are.” The old-school BANT attitude was definitely similar to this idea. The goal was to determine whether the prospect was qualified to buy a product or not based […]

What Is a Sales Engineer & How Do You Become One?

What does a sales engineer do? To understand this properly, think of buying a new laptop. With so many innovations, we have to do some research before we even go to the IT shop. If we are considering the field of engineering, there are so many complex technical units on the market, such as medical […]

The Best Franchise Opportunities to Buy & Own in 2023-2024

They say it’s naughty to copy your classmate’s work. With affordable yet profitable franchises to own, this is exactly what you have to do! As the past several years were challenging for economics and businesses, an evident question arises: what entrepreneurial activity won’t leave its owner bankrupt by the end of 2023? And it seems […]

What Is a Purchase Order and How Do I Make One? [Template + Example]

Purchase orders are great pieces of documentation that no business can do without. They’re not just for keeping track of what’s spent but also for managing supplies. So, to avoid issues related to lack of documentation, you need to create a purchase order.   If you don’t know how to make one, then stick around; […]

30+ Conversation Starters for Any Situation

Trust is the foundation of any kind of relationship. But it becomes even more important when you’re in sales, as you’re continuously building networks among colleagues, bosses, and clients.  That’s why conversations are very important—and your ability to break the ice, even more so.   Knowing how to get a conversation started can open an […]