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Save Time: Qualify that Lead

Save Time: Qualify that Lead. Certainly you have seen a western on television where the old-timer and the young prospector have the conversation about the gold dust and gold nuggets that the young man has in his possession. The old-timer looks at the young man’s “riches” all of three seconds and assuredly proclaims, “What you […]

Community Marketing via Social Media

What Panera Bread and Whole Foods Have in Common Take a look at your favorite retail chain and visit that retailer’s Facebook page. If you use the Facebook search box, you may find that your retailer has scores of Facebook pages. The same goes for their other social media platforms. If you discover that your […]

Reaching Retail Customers in a Brick and Mortar Store

Reaching Retail Customers: Selling goods and services in a brick and mortar store can be quite daunting at times. For the commission-based sales consultant clouds, rain and snow bring a downturn in sales. On those sunny days when you — the sales person — would rather be doing something other than work, your best customers […]