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5 Time Management Secrets Every Sales Person Must Know

When you are a sales person or business owner, you know time is money. The universal equalizer of all people on earth is time, there’s no way to get more of it. Therefore the more efficient you can become with your time, the more you will achieve, sell and ultimately grow your income. Here of […]

Are You Using Questions Designed To Fail?

As a high performing sales professional or business owner, you understand that the most effective tool we have for understanding our clients wants and needs is our questions. They are also a great tool to help guide the focus of the conversation and the sales process. The way that you structure your question creates a […]

Is Being Stubborn Costing You The Sale?

Is Being Stubborn Costing You The Sale? Are you letting a quick decision that you made affect your ability to be flexible through the sales and development process?

Should You Be Focused On Your Presentation When Prospecting?

Should You Be Focused On Your Presentation When Prospecting?

The 6 Basic Emotional Needs in the Workplace

As a leader, understanding what emotional needs drive you and your team professionally can make all the difference in your interactions with others and the effectiveness of your leadership. When an experience or action meets at least three of our human emotional needs, we find ourselves feeling compelled to follow through with that action. A […]

Understanding Your Clients and How To Communicate With Them

Understanding how clients prefer to communicate Just like understanding the behaviors and motivations of employees, understanding your clients’ emotional wants and needs is vital for the success of your company. A recent Align to Thrive article surveyed hundreds of CEOs and company leaders, finding 4 common archetypes that are important to recognize and understand. Significance […]

Understanding The Impact of Organizational Culture

How does culture affect your performance? So your company came up short of its annual goals or your profits aren’t quite where they should be. Rather than crunching the numbers or blaming the almighty dollar, maybe it’s time to take a look at your organization’s culture and values. It’s no secret that a company’s culture […]

How To React To Negative Glassdoor Reviews

What are your next steps as a Sales Leader? You’ve probably heard this story before: A disgruntled employee is let go from a company, and as a parting gift, he or she leaves a cringe-worthy review of the company on Glassdoor or another similar site. Glassdoor and other company review sites can have a major […]

5 Sales Do’s and Don’ts During the Holidays

Some might be a little counterintuitive, some common sense, some you just may not have thought of.. Here are 5 do’s and don’t for the holiday season that I have either noticed work well for others, or have worked well for me in the past. Some of them might be a little counterintuitive, some may […]