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Sales Prospecting Advice

6 Tips to Share with Your Sales Team Sales Prospecting: The Key to Sales Success Regardless of whether a salesperson has been selling for 2 years or 20, having a minimum number of qualified prospects is a determining factor of sales success. While the tendency is to focus on closing a deal, it’s likely that […]

The Ultimate Guide to Asking Open-Ended Questions on Sales Calls

Several Examples Of Open-Ended Questions in 5 Different Situations To truly uncover what your buyers want and need, your salespeople must be experts in asking open-ended questions. Asking open-ended sales questions–and making an intention to listen to the response thoughtfully–allows your reps to connect with prospects and customers and gather the information needed to recommend […]

Sales Training 101

What You NEED to Know Effective sales training is a critical component of sales success, whether your team is full of seasoned professionals, brand new graduates, or a diverse mix of skills and experience levels. When it comes to training new employees, the Sales Training 101 course may be one of the most important investments […]