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Your Opening Sales Line

You are not crazy if you talk to yourself “What should I say first?” It’s a question asked a million times by both rookie and experienced sales professionals. The importance of what is first said has been drilled into our heads that we only have one chance to make a first impression and that customers […]

Taking the High Road

What are your thoughts about your competition? Do you admire them, dislike them, want to work for them someday What positive and negative things have you heard or know about them? And how do you represent them to your customers? These 3 questions are important for many reasons. Know Your Competition Regardless of your personal […]

How to Improve Sales

It seems that most people look for secrets or shortcuts to success and some are willing to try almost anything, regardless of how preposterous, to earn more money. For those is sales, earning more money usually requires selling more. Simple as that. No secrets, no shortcuts but a real, viable and reasonable way to earn […]

The Fear of Sales

“What prevents most from reaching our goals is not a lack of skill, determination or knowledge; but the presence of fear.” That quote, which I spun to my own liking, has served as a daily and at times an hourly reminder for me throughout much of my sales career. With this “truth” in mind, I […]

Most Important Sales Skills

To be successful in sales, many skills are needed. Ask 100 different sales professionals what they feel to be the most important skill and you’ll likely to hear many different answers. There are, however, consistencies in the answers of many that point us to a set of skills that those who enjoy the most success […]

New Year’s Resolutions

One of the most popular things to do when a year reaches its conclusion is to create a list of resolutions or “goals” for the upcoming year. If you have made resolutions in the past, you are probably well aware that most resolutions last only a few days into the new year. Why? Psychologists may […]

CPSP Week 2 Blog

The CPSP Certification process thus far has been anything but expected. As I mentioned in my previous CPSP blog, I have been through a ton of sales trainings over my 20+ year career and always have found that those that focus to the entire person, and not just the “sales person,” are the most effective. […]

CPSP Certification Blog

Day 21 If you have yet to start the CPSP Certification, I strongly suggest you start soon. With 2012 ending (and with the Mayan calendar interpretations of the world ending being proven wrong,) now is a great time to start the program. I’ve blogged after completing weeks 1 and 2 in the past, and wanted […]

What, Exactly, is B2B Sales?

You’ve certainly heard the term “B2B” before and you probably know that it stands for Business to Business. But some people don’t fully understand what it means to be in B2B sales and how being in B2B sales differs from any other sales industry. Your Clients The first primary difference between B2B sales and B2C […]

The Rules of Your Life

What is “true failure?” Is it when you try to accomplish something but come up short or is failure something more than simply not achieving something? Is failure something than cannot be avoided or is failure simply an emotion? People in all industries and in all walks of like have an ever-present reality of failure, […]