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The Golden Rule of Sales

Gather a 100 sales professional in a room (obviously a fairly large room) and ask them this question: “What is the most important thing that you must do in sales in order to be successful long-term?” You will probably hear many different answers. “You need to prospect every day or you’ll run out of prospects.” […]

When You Have no Sales Experience

Confidence is the Key! There is an ever present and all-industry challenge that many new to the job market are faced with: Getting a job without having any industry experience. This challenge is true with sales postions as well. While some eager to get into sales may solve this challenge by accepting an entry level […]

The “Inside Story” on Inside Sales Careers

When someone tells you that they are “in sales,” do you assume that they have an outside sales position or do you make no assumptions? Chances are that, like most, you associate “being in sales” with an outside sales position. And more than likely, you probably assume that the person with whom you are talking […]

CPSP Week One Blog

A Veteran’s Thoughts I have been through countless sales training and personal development programs over my 20 plus years in the sales industry. Some were, quite frankly, horrible and a complete waste of my time, energies and capital. Others have made so many positive changes in my life that the true impact seems to continually […]

A Career in B2C Sales

It seems that B2B (Business to Business) sales gets all the attention and B2C (Business to Consumer) gets left out in the cold. Why? Could it be that B2C sales professionals are still considered to be like door-to-door encyclopedia sales people? Or could B2C be too closely associated with those annoying telemarketers and their uncanny […]

How to Choose the Right Sales Career

Congratulations on your decision to enter or to stay in the wonderful world of sales! Considering that you frequent the NASP site, read published content and have an obvious interest in improving your sales skills, your success is as close to being guaranteed as possible. It is certainly more guaranteed than for those who choose […]

When Not to Say “Yes!”

Deciding on a Job Offer Finding a sales job can be tough. So for many who are actively job seeking, the temptation to accept the first offer that comes along is a powerful one. But many who accept a job offer that they are not fully comfortable soon discover, they probably would have been much […]

Getting into Sales?

Why in the World Would Anyone Want to be in Sales? I have heard many kids say that when they grow up that they want to be doctors or policemen or pilots or even President of the United States. But I have never heard any child say that they want to grow up to be […]

Passion or Strengths: Which to Follow

Many have been told to “follow their hearts” or their “passions” when faced with making a decision. Still others suggest that when faced with a life or career decision, people should base their decision on their strengths. After all, if you have passion for something but lack mission-critical strengths, you will struggle. Have an abundance […]