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Commitment to Dedication

Being dedicated to your goal When you are committed to one thing, but your teams focus is not as dedicated as you thought, you fall short of meeting your goal. You must have one or the other to be successful, but knowing how to make both of them work together is where the magic happens. […]

Utilize Social Media for Networking

Maximizing your sales network by leveraging social media It is all over the Internet, TV & Radio — it’s the biggest movement in civilization since the industrial revolution; millions of people use it daily! Do you think it can help your sales team? When you add social media to your existing marketing strategy you are […]

Leadership is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice

Here are three things a leader must do to be a good leader: Direction, Focus and Motivation. Everybody at one point in their life has the chance to be a leader and lead a team of individuals, whether it is at work, in the community. Here are three things a leader must do to be […]

ROI for Social Media Utilization

Track your ROI to see the actual impact social media is having on your business Social Media in all of it’s glory & popularity seems like a waste of time for the average person. However, on the sales side, social media is used for prospecting and generating leads. It is also used to make & […]

Don’t Monkey Around

Death by Meeting 1) Have an Agenda Prepare an agenda and share it with everyone before the meeting is due to take place. Allow others to comment on the topics of discussion. Having an agenda keeps the meeting on track and keeps everybody on the same page when jumping from topic to topic. You should […]

Socially Unsocial

Social Media is creates Silos If you are like most people, you probably can’t remember the last time you un-plug from the information overload device you call a smartphone, or the last time you turned it off and enjoyed the solitude of nature. It has been said that 96% of people who own a smartphone […]