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10 Virtual Team Building Activities Remote Teams Love in 2022 

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Team building is a crucial part of any project or assignment. And this particular soft skill has been high in demand for the last two years. Also, when it comes to remote working, you require extra efforts to keep your group tied as one unit and be productive without any physical interactions. Yup, building and managing your squad isn’t an easy job when you have to do it by working from home. 

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Luckily, we have various strategic activities and fun exercises that promote teamwork, like the paid virtual team games, breakout escape rooms, get-together sessions, etc. But nothing’s more fun than the small and trivial group activities you can do with your virtual team over Zoom or Teams meeting. They require less effort and are tremendously fun to play as icebreaker rounds. Here’s a list of 10-such virtual team building activities that you will enjoy doing with everyone in 2022: 

1. Virtual escape room 

Virtual escape rooms are the most popular team activities that foster healthy collaboration and brainstorming to decode puzzles and find answers to unique challenges. These themed games have a time restriction and require you to solve all the riddles by working with your team to win the game and unlock your escape. Boosting creativity and elevating everyone’s mood, they are family-friendly and come in various intriguing plots that will keep you entertained until the end.  


2. Aliens have landed 

It is a fun, amusing, and interactive activity that allows everyone on the team to shrug off their awkwardness and develop better communicative and receptive skills. In the game, all you have to do is gather everyone in an online meeting and drop them the message that aliens have landed. They don’t speak your language, and images are the only way to talk to them. So everybody has to come up with a set of pictures that best represents your company to explain to those aliens about your corporation and work.  

3. An icebreaker quiz game 

Believe it or not, a trivial quiz game is everyone’s favorite. It helps distract your mind from stressful work and acts as a great icebreaker in a virtual team. And this allows the members to understand each other on a deeper level and learn to catch easy and fun breaks between their hectic schedules. You can pick out any genre like pop culture, your company’s history, or any other topic for the online quiz game that will bring everyone closer.  

4. Building a storyline 

Sometimes an uncomplicated game of a word or sentence chain does the magic for your team’s building and understanding. One such activity is building a storyline. One participant can begin by describing something or saying a sentence, and other people can come forward to add details and reveal their ideas to carry the plot forward. And finally, it’s on the last remaining person to give a flashy and satisfying ending to the whole story for wrapping up this creative and interactive session.  

5. Virtual book club 

Books do wonders for our minds and souls. And you can utilize their knowledge and great insights to bring your team closer through mutual bonding and develop a sense of comprehension. And that’s why organizing virtual book clubs is the perfect way to build your remote team and help bring the members closer. You can give everyone a reading target and set up a friendly discussion meeting where everyone can share their insights with others from the book they finished reading.  

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6. Online dance party 

Online team-building activities don’t always have to be about creativity, thinking uniquely, and showing leadership skills. Sometimes it’s better to embrace your humorous and bubbly side and do something that makes you smile and pleases your heart. An online dance party is perfect for discarding your stiffness in front of your team and becoming confident in informal interactions. 

You can select a song randomly and ask everyone to match their beats to the rhythm. And keep changing the music at intervals with more upbeat ones to make the event more enjoyable.  

7. Do you know your team? 

It is a quirky and fun activity that you can organize to cultivate the feeling of harmony and mutual understanding in the members of your group. Prepare 3 to 5-questions and pass them to every member in a meeting and tell them to come up with their answers. And in your next meeting, tell everyone to submit their answers anonymously so that you can display them one by one and ask others to guess whose words are these.   

8. The deserted island scenario 

A clever and engaging activity, you can enjoy this remote adventure-style game with your teammates on Zoom or any video conference meetings. When the session starts, tell everyone that they are currently on a deserted island and have to pack their survival kit. 

Set a timer and ask everyone to return with their things before the time runs out or that person is considered dead in this scenario. And after everyone is ready with their commodities, give them time to explain the reason behind their actions and how they can survive using their kit.  

9. Daily writing prompts 

Writing is a fantastic way to channel your inner feelings and creativity in a physical format. It is an excellent means to glue your team and let them develop respect and understanding for the other members. You can also gain more knowledge and get better at the art of cooperation, listening, and self-expression by writing and sharing your words. 

Every day, one member can assign a prompt to others for writing. And in the next meeting, you can tell everyone to come forward and discuss what they wrote for the prompt from the previous day.  

10. Try not to laugh 

You say it, and chances are, people will end up laughing for no reason after this. It is a humorous and straightforward activity that will act as the perfect icebreaker and mood elevator in any virtual team meeting. Announce that for the next 5 or 10 minutes, nobody should laugh. And let all the members come up with witty tricks to ensure that except for them, everyone gets defeated. 

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But they must play the tricks without laughing at themselves. To make it more enjoyable, you can award the final winner a prize at the end of the game for having the best endurance level in the entire team.  


These were only 10-of the uncountable memorable team activities you can enjoy with your group during virtual meetings. And if you have an idea of your own, you should not hesitate to unleash your creativity and do something unique by sharing it with others. The only rule is to bond with your people while having fun, so you are free to experiment and explore as many delightful games as you can with your team. 

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