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3 Easy Ways to Retain Top Talent

How to retain a sales people without spending more money

In reflecting on non-financial aspects of my job that make me feel most satisfied and most loyal to my employer, I came up with 3 things that I am grateful for today.

As a sales manager, I prioritize trust, flexibility, and recognition as non-monetary ways to retain my top talent as well.

1. Having an employer who trusts me. Yesterday I negotiated terms with a prospect (now client) that were a “break-even” for the company, but I believe that this person & company will make for a fantastic long-term partnership that will ultimately be financially beneficial. Without blinking an eye, my President gave me the go-ahead to sign the deal.

2. Having the flexibility to set my own (reasonable) hours and to not feel guilty when I need to take time for a doctors appointment, friends wedding, or enjoy a Summer Friday. This flexibility makes me more focused, excited, and productive while in office.

3. I have two bosses and both of them tell me, often, that they are proud of my accomplishments, appreciate my hard work, or congratulate me on a job well done. Being supported and recognized makes me want to give more to this company.

I see so many articles about what employers need to do to retain top talent – easy…Treat them with respect and trust, acknowledge that work is important but so is free time, and let them know you appreciate them.

Each of these suggestions is something that can be implemented with a small change of attitude and shift of culture.

If your company has a competitive total rewards package already, you can implement these changes to emotionally support your employees and I bet it will increase your retention rates and employee job satisfaction in no time.

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