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3 Secrets to a Do It Now Attitude

One of life’s simplest solutions to reaching your goals and your desired life can be summed up in three simple words “Do it Now”. If you are heavily active in goal achievement programs, running a business or running your life, you will hear often that to truly make change you need to take action. So if it was that simple, why is that so many still are hanging around in their meager existence and not taking action to really change their lives?

What are the secrets to developing a Can Do and a Do It Now attitude? Here are three secrets to developing a “Do it now” attitude and if you try these for 21 days, you will find yourself changing your behaviors.

  1. Secret One: Make Fear Your Friend, Not Your MasterFear can be a powerful motivator if you can learn to manage it but many allow fear to limit their opportunities and possibilities. Most times it is fear of the unknown, fear of failure or fear of loss. These can be powerful emotions that often have no basis but if you can open you mind to possibilities and push through your fears, you will realize all of your dreams. The number one reason people do not take action to realize their dream is fear. Make fear your friend and manage it rather than your fear managing you.
  2. Secret Two: Embrace the Power of Positive ThinkingA positive attitude is a result of positive thinking. Each of us has a choice to embrace this concept rather than dwell in the negative. It is much easier to blame, find fault or discourage than it is to change a potentially negative situation to a positive one. But there is positive in everything, if only to be a learning experience. Embrace the power of positive thinking and watch yourself soar to your goals.
  3. Secret Three: Create a Sense of UrgencyUnfortunately, many of us live our lives under the old adage “why do today what can be put off until tomorrow” rather than creating a focus and a sense of urgency to complete a task to today. We have turned into a society of procrastinators rather than doers. Those that are successful are so because they didn’t wait until tomorrow. They are master implementers always taking action and always moving towards their goals. Create a sense of urgency and strive to do what you need to do today, not tomorrow. When in doubt and you find yourself asking the question, “when should I do …… (fill in the blank), the answer is simple: NOW.

The secrets to a do it now attitude are simple to apply. When you want to succeed at anything, you must master fear so opportunities can present themselves. You must have a healthy mind and focus on the positive in things versus dwelling on the negative and you must have a sense of urgency to want to get things done now. Do not wait until tomorrow. Implement today!

When would be a good time to implement a new idea, an idea that could very well change your life? That’s simple isn’t it, right now — today!

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