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When is it wise to start loooking for a new job to protect yourself.

Author: CB Bowman, CEO Executive Leadership, LLC

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Specializing In: Executive Coaching/Development & Career Management

When clients who have been eliminated from their positions come to us for career transition/management, they usually tell us that they “never saw it coming!” However, once we outline some of the critical “signs” of pending job loss that might have been present, inevitably our clients admit that several of these clues were exhibited by their organization, for at least three to six months!

Sadly employees that can be categorized as diversity employees are more subject to theses inhuman tactics and we are the least likely to recognize that we are victim.
The sad part is that employees who decide to ignore these realities and are not prepared with a “what if plan” suffer needlessly. Job searching for them takes much longer and emotional trauma is much greater than for those who strategically responded to the first sign of a problem.

We have taken some of the burden out of the harsh reality of being terminated by giving you a checklist to enable you to see into the future. Please place a check mark next to each of the signs that apply to your current office experiences.

Management Signs:
* You are asked to update management on all your current projects and/or you are being pushed to wrap up longstanding projects without a new opportunity being presented to you with greater responsibilities.
* Your expense reports are closely scrutinized and require explanations and/or things that were expensed previously are now being questioned.
* You recently received a pay freeze or worse still a pay cut.
* A new committee is formed to restructure your department/project and you are not invited to join.
* Your office, cubicle or working space has recently been downsized.
* Time off for personal reasons is denied or questioned.
* Your office space is moved to a distant location or you are moved to a foreign assignment without a plan for your return and without receiving increased responsibilities.
* Your company has posted your job position on the internet, intranet, or in the newspaper. You heard via word of mouth that the company is looking for your replacement.

to be continued …